Key principles of performance management transformation

Key principles of performance management transformation

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There’s no question: Traditional performance management processes appear to be broken, and the demand for change is growing. While some organizations are scrambling to reinvent their performance management processes, many are still focusing on the wrong priorities. But before ditching the annual review, scrapping competencies, or changing the focus to manager-employee check-ins, consider the key element to any company’s success: its people.

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At Halogen, we believe performance management must transition from a fixed and prescriptive model to a more adaptive and flexible one. This allows organizations to develop a performance management cycle that fits their unique business rhythm – one that also reflects the individual needs of the employee.  

Join us to learn six key principles that can help you transform your organization’s performance management processes. We can take your process from being an isolated HR-driven event to an intrinsic part of the everyday business rhythm that positively impacts both employee engagement and business outcomes.

About Hawley Kane

A seasoned expert with 15 years of product development and product management experience in the software market, Hawley Kane is highly skilled at identifying, creating, and delivering solutions that meet customers’ wants and needs.

Since joining Halogen in 2009, Hawley has focused on delivering key features and functionality including the new vertical offerings, the introduction of language packs, the reporting framework, external multiraters, Feedback Central, Halogen 1:1 Exchange and Talent View.

About Evelyn Watts

Evelyn is a creative, energetic, results-focused marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience in the software industry. She recently joined Halogen in 2014 as the product and solutions marketing manager responsible for TalentSpace suite, Performance, 1:1 Exchange, 360 Multirater, HRIS Connect, Job Description Builder, Talent Acquisition and the professional services portfolio.

With her diverse background in software development, product training, sales, field marketing, content creation, product and solutions marketing, and her secret desire to drive her motorcycle across Canada, Evelyn clearly loves new challenges