How to Align Learning with Business Outcomes

How to Align Learning with Business Outcomes

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As performance management pivots from ranking and scoring talent to nurturing and developing talent, your organization’s Learning & Development program has never been more critical.

Without a well-planned L&D program, an organization’s ability to deliver on business outcomes is compromised. In this webinar, we’ll look at how to align employee development to corporate goals as well as how to integrate learning into the entire employee lifecycle.

Using a real-world case study, this webinar will share:

  • 4 key steps to connect learning to business outcomes
  • How to integrate these steps into a learning management software (LMS)
  • Tips for transforming e-Learning content into blended learning

About Philippe Desrochers

Phil is the Learning Consultant at Halogen’s Learning Centre of Excellence. He has authored several books on career management, including 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Landing Your Dream Job, written as national career columnist for 24hrs and guest lectured at universities. At Halogen, he helps managers and individual contributors develop learning paths that lead to higher levels of engagement, productivity and profits for the organization as a whole.

About Kristy Holmes

Kristy is Halogen’s Product Manager for Content and has over 10 years of experience in the area of HR technology and services, specializing in employee engagement and development. At Halogen, she works to source and manage a variety of content across the entire suite, including a wide range of Learning & Development content. Kristy is passionate about building great organizations through great employees and holds an MSc Management in Organizational Behaviour from Queen’s University.