Are your job descriptions dynamic enough to drive performance?

Are your job descriptions dynamic enough to drive performance?

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Keeping dynamic job description content current is an important task for all organizations. Having the right job description content to support your performance management process is doubly important - especially in compliance-focused industries where job expectations and performance reviews need to be closely synchronized. This webcast will provide you with strategies, tools, and technology for upgrading your organization's job description content to make sure they optimally support your business plan and performance review process.

Don't miss these webcast take aways:

  • Put power behind your job descriptions to drive all your talent management and assessment processes - especially performance management!
  • How to move from a task-based to competency-based and outcomes-based job descriptions
  • Ways to streamline lengthy lists of Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • How to create ‘Success Profiles’ as part of your job descriptions
  • How new technologies enable you to more effectively build, manage, and integrate job description content with real time performance management processes