Best Practices in Goal Management

Best Practices in Goal Management

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Hidden within every goal is the potential fuel to perpetually drive performance upward.  Best practice goal management is much more than SMART goals. Setting goals is just the start of the process of managing performance, outcomes and productivity. 

In this interactive session with Dr. Chris Lee, participants will learn the latest and greatest goal management secrets and how to apply them to their work environment. Learn the seven C’s that link individual and organizational goals in a coordinated fashion.  The webinar will place special emphasis on reconciling year-end performance, reviewing goals and establishing goals for the coming year. 

Participants will: 

  • Learn how to establish worthwhile goals and track them with ease
  • Discover how to connect individual goals to organizational outcomes
  • Learn the Seven C’s of goal management
  • Find out how to integrate the two-sided coin of goal and performance management
  • Why goal management is one of the most important management skills.