Best practices in giving effective employee feedback — Jamie Resker

Best practices in giving effective employee feedback — Jamie Resker

Jamie shares how she too once avoided giving feedback to her employees. But by changing her perspective and approach, she's learned to turn this dreaded task into a rewarding one.

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Seasoned HR professional and performance management expert Jamie Resker shares her simple model for requesting and giving effective feedback. Her technique helps eliminate defensiveness and drive employee development and high performance. By following her advice, managers and employees can take the dread out of performance conversations.

Identifying "one thing" that leads to better performance and effectiveness

Jamie says, for most people, there's one thing that they have to start or stop doing to become more effective. The task is to identify that one thing for each person.

10 minute performance feedback conversations

Learn Jamie's simple model and six questions for having regular, highly effective 10 minute performance feedback conversations.

Requesting helpful event driven feedback

Few of us complain about getting too much feedback. Learn how to request detailed event driven feedback that is positive and helpful.

How often should you give feedback?

Do only give feedback once or twice per year, during your formal performance reviews? Learn how to set an optimal interval for giving/receiving feedback.

Managing performance all year round

For feedback conversations to be truly effective, they need to be ingrained in your culture and performance management processes. Learn how

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