Best-practices in competency assessment — Donna Wright

Best-practices in competency assessment — Donna Wright

Donna Wright explains why competency assessments are about more than accreditation.

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Donna Wright, noted international expert, consultant, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare, shares her thoughts on how you can derive more value from your competency assessments as well as make them more manageable and meaningful.

Competency verification: the value of choice

Donna explains how allowing employees to choose their verification method from a predetermined list of options helps drive up engagement in the process.

Competency selection: how to keep to a manageable number

Donna Wright explains how you can eliminate unnecessary competency assessments, avoid the trap of evaluating the same competencies year after year, and still meet accreditation requirements.

HR's role: connecting competency assessments to employee performance management

Donna explains how HR can play an important role in facilitating the competency assessment process and how connecting it to a larger performance management process helps bridge communication gaps and supports quality patient care.

Competency assessments: a measure of employee commitment

Do you understand the difference between accountability, responsibility and authority? And what does commitment have to do with any of these? Hear what Donna Wright has to say and what she recommends.

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