Employee feedback and coaching templates

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Coaching employees and giving them feedback are critical management skills. Done well, they help drive employee performance, development and engagement. Done poorly, they can harm the manager–employee relationship and disengage staff.

To help managers, we've put together a template that helps them prepare to give truly helpful and effective feedback, and a list of tips to guide coaching conversations. 

Employee feedback template

How and when you give employee feedback can make all the difference in the world. Before you give feedback, consider these pre-conditions for success.

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Tips for effective coaching conversations

Successful coaching is about training, developing and assisting employees to be the best they can be. Check out these tips for having more effective coaching conversations.

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Conversation starters for manager-employee 1:1 meetings

Start one-on-one meetings off on the right foot with these conversation starters.

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You can learn more about best practices for managing employee performance from our Performance management training for managers center of excellence.

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