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Supporting employee development is a key priority in most organizations. It helps you ensure you have a highly skilled workforce that's ready and able to help you achieve your mission and strategy. But just as importantly, it helps to drive employee engagement and retention.

But to do that effectively, you need to start by diagnosing development needs so you can identify appropriate learning activities. Next you need to create individualized development plans for each employee. And finally, you need to take steps to ensure employees and the organization actually benefit from the development opportunities offered.

Here are a template and two checklists to help you do just that.

A manager’s checklist for diagnosing development needs

Identify employees’ development needs with this practical checklist from the Anderson Leadership Group.

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Development plan template

Use this handy template to identify appropriate learning activities based on your employees’ needs.

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Checklist for ensuring training transfer

Want to create a workplace culture that supports and encourages training transfer? This checklist can help.

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You can learn more about best practices for employee development from our Employee development center of excellence.

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