Corporate compliance policy checklist for HR

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What is a corporate compliance program?

A corporate compliance program is a formal program specifying an organization’s policies, procedures, and actions within a process to help safeguard against and detect violations of laws and regulations.

A well-balanced and effective compliance program will help ensure that your organizational structure, people, processes and technology are working in sync to:

Manange Risk

Manage risks

Grow your business

Grow your business

Eliminate inappropriate behavior Grow your business

Eliminate inappropriate behavior

Keep customers satisfied Oversee vendors

Keep customers satisfied

Oversee vendors Eliminate inappropriate behavior

Oversee vendors

Achieve other relevant goals

Achieve other relevant goals

Corporate compliance training

Your program should be carefully planned and implemented – and accompanied by corporate compliance training so every employee understands and follows policies. Mandatory compliance training should happen once a year to reinforce certain policies, procedures, standards, expectations, responsibilities and obligations.

Is your corporate compliance program in good shape?

As an HR professional, how would you describe your corporate compliance program? Have you got all your key policies covered? Thinks so? Not sure?

Use the handy HR compliance checklist to determine the status of your existing corporate compliance program. Review the list and check off where your policies stand – or whether your organization has them or needs them.

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