Talent management for healthcare

Why is talent management important for healthcare facilities?

There are numerous studies that demonstrate the link between employee satisfaction — especially among nurses — and patient well-being and satisfaction. When your employees are such a huge factor in the quality of care your patients receive, every clinical and non-clinical employee can impact patient satisfaction and outcomes.

That’s where talent management best practices come in. They can help improve employee performance, engagement and retention, and ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

The benefits of effective talent management for healthcare

Automated, integrated best-practice talent management processes help eliminate duplication and inefficiencies, make it easy to address the specific needs of different departments, break down silos and coordinate programs.

A good talent management process can also help identify competency gaps and measure the impact of learning on performance. Automated systems have the added advantage of helping HR easily track certification and license requirements, and license expirations.

The bottom line: Effective talent management can help healthcare organizations save time, save money and reduce inefficiencies.

Keys to success

To be a healthcare employer of choice, you have to ensure that your organization is grooming future leaders, engaging employees, and inspiring excellent patient care. Halogen has the templates, how-to articles and webinars to help your organization succeed.


Research from Pepperdine University found that effective talent management in healthcare improves patient satisfaction, reduces nursing turnover and boosts productivity. Ensure your talent management process is helping your organization build a engaged workforce that is committed to high-quality patient care.

Best-practices in competency assessment

In this video, Creative Health Care Management Consultant Donna Wright addresses some of the basic questions and challenges healthcare facilities face in completing and managing competency assessments. Wright also shares her thoughts on how you can make your competency assessments more manageable and meaningful.

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6 Talent management best practices to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes

In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Groves, Associate Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, shares a series of talent management best practices to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in hospitals. Drawing on past research, Dr. Groves provides examples, tools, and practices for designing a talent management system that engages employees in the pursuit of delivering greater value to patients. He also shows how to measure the performance outcomes of hospital organizations that are driven by exceptional talent management practices.

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Which is best? Anniversary vs. focal (common date) performance reviews

Many healthcare facilities conduct performance appraisals either on an employee’s employment anniversary, or according to a set schedule. Learn the benefits and challenges of both approaches, and find out which one is best for your organization.

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Managing through change: How effective talent management can help you prepare for healthcare reform

In this white paper, we’ll guide you through the process of how to leverage your talent management practices to improve accountability, patient satisfaction and outcomes. We outline the transformational issues facing the healthcare industry, and how to tackle the changes ahead.

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Peer review in nursing — principles for successful practice

Read this excerpt from Barbara Haag-Heitman and Vicki George’s book, Peer Review in Nursing, and learn the six peer review principles that lead to success. These principles help guide action plans and serve as a template for measuring the consistency between action and beliefs.

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The influence of employee satisfaction on patient satisfaction and safety: the case for automated talent management in healthcare

It’s easy to link patient safety and patient satisfaction to employee satisfaction. What’s more challenging is ensuring your employees are engaged and challenged in their work. This white paper explains how your talent management processes can support employee satisfaction, which in turn impacts patient satisfaction and safety.

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Simple ways to drive up employee engagement and retention

Research shows that employee satisfaction is strongly linked to patient satisfaction and safety. In this webinar, you’ll learn practical and simple ways your performance management practices can improve employee engagement and retention, and how to create opportunities for employee growth and development.

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Tips for addressing the root cause of poor performance

Poor employee performance usually stems from a skill gap or a performance issue. In this webinar, author and HR consultant Gen Guanci reveals some powerful ways HR can help managers identify the root cause of poor performance and implement plans to address the issue.

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Healthcare peer reviews — getting it right for safety’s sake

There are many tools, including peer reviews, which can help create safer patient environments. In this webinar, Barb Haag-Heitman, RN, PhD, PHCNS-BC and Vicki George, RN, PhD, FAAN, authors of Peer Review in Nursing: Principals for Successful Practice, explore the six principals of an effective peer review program and the roles HR and managers have to play.

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Competency assessment madness: Transform your process from crazy to manageable and meaningful!

Competency assessments don’t have to be tedious processes that create a lot of paper, but not much organizational value. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to design a competency assessment system that is more meaningful, manageable and even a little fun!

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Competency verification methods: Going beyond checklists and skills fairs

“Hitting the numbers" is top of mind for CEOs in any economy. This webinar looks beyond checklists to methods that help you measure a variety of skill domains, from technical expertise to critical thinking to interpersonal skills. Donna Wright, RN, MS, outlines some verification methods and how you can apply them to competency assessments.

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The 7 deadly sins of healthcare recruiting

The demand for healthcare workers is high, and competition for the best talent is fierce. Savvy recruiters are looking for new ways to find and attract jobseekers. In this eBook, recruiting software company Jobvite explores healthcare recruiters’ seven common mistakes or missteps, and how to correct them. You’ll learn how to better engage potential candidates, streamline the hiring process, and set and track recruiting metrics, and much more.

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We’ve got the tools, tips and best practice advice you need to assess your healthcare organization’s talent management processes, avoid common mistakes, improve performance and boost patient satisfaction.

Nursing evaluation form templates

We’ve collected samples of a variety of nursing evaluation and competency assessment forms you can easily download. They range from simple employee evaluation forms to more complex clinical competencies. Each one includes some of the nursing competencies that are built in to our Halogen Performance™ Healthcare solution.

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The ultimate guide to competency assessment in health care — introduction

Competency assessment expert Donna Wright explains how to make competency assessments more practical and effective in this white paper. Wright also lays out the six aspects needed for an outcome-focused approach to performance management that is both meaningful and successful.

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Leveraging the power of competency checklists

Learn when and how to use competency checklists to evaluate an employee’s demonstration of more "technical" competencies. Our checklist will also help your organization gather additional information such as date observed, method of verification, etc.

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Learn how other healthcare organizations have improved their talent management, and get tips on how your organization can maximize your processes.

Black River Memorial Hospital

Healthcare has undergone a number of changes since Black River Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1917, and the pace of change is only increasing. Learn how Halogen Performance™ Healthcare and Halogen 360 Multirater™ have helped the hospital became a more nimble organization that better responds to client and patient needs.

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Cabell Huntington Hospital

A few years ago, Cabell Huntington Hospital’s paper-based performance management process wasn’t meeting its needs, and was costing the organization time and money. By automating its processes with Halogen Performance Healthcare™, Cabell Huntington Hospital not only saved money, it also made things simpler and more consistent, and made managers happier.

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CentraState Healthcare System

CentraState Healthcare System had moved some of its paper-based appraisal process online, but with 2,200 employees, the process was still tedious and time-consuming. By implementing Halogen Performance™ Healthcare, CentraState was able to save managers and HR time, and increase employee satisfaction with the performance appraisal process.

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New England Organ Bank

The New England Organ Bank (NEOB) has taken a holistic approach to performance management and learning, using Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Learning™ for all its development and management needs. Learn how NEOB ensures its training investments are aligned with corporate strategy so it can gather and analyze employee performance data quicker and easier.

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Fairbanks Hospital

In the not-for-profit healthcare industry, there is a lot of competition for skilled professionals. Fairbanks used Halogen TalentSpace™ to streamline its performance management processes and engage managers and employees. By implementing an automated talent management system, Fairbanks Hospital reduced costs and become more competitive as an employer.

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Hospital Sisters Health System

Hospital Sisters Health System \(KDMC\) has 15,000 full-time employees spread across 200 locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. In order to efficiently track performance and engage employees, the organization implemented Halogen TalentSpace™ — and has seen big payoffs for their efforts. Hospital Sisters now has a rich and effective way of evaluating their employees, and HR has easy access to data on skill gaps so they can develop and engage hospital staff.

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King’s Daughters Medical Center

King’s Daughters Medical Center \(KDMC\) is a Mississippi-based acute care general hospital. Learn how KDMC is using Halogen Performance™ to successfully compete for talent, reduce time spent on HR tasks and shave significant time of Joint Commission compliance schedules.

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Community Care Inc.

Community Care Inc. provides long-term healthcare for older adults and adults with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities. The organization wanted to do more than just standardize its talent management processes, it wanted to make those processes part of its culture. Read how Halogen Performance™, Halogen Learning™ and Halogen Job Description Builder™ helped Community Care overhaul its talent management strategy and create a performance-based culture.

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South Bend Medical Foundation

When South Bend Medical Foundation found itself struggling to keep current on staff evaluations and stay on top of it performance management process, it turned to Halogen Performance™ Healthcare. Read how the Halogen solution helped South Bend simplify the performance management process, increase manager accountability and make more informed pay-for-performance decisions.

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St. Mary’s Medical Center

To meet its strategic objectives, St. Mary’s Medical Center needed to modernize its employee performance appraisal and compensation processes. Since implementing Halogen Performance™ Healthcare, the organization has been able to save time and ease administrative burden, link performance to compensation, better identify and address issues that impact employee satisfaction, and achieve overall strategic objectives.

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Halogen’s cloud-based solution for healthcare helps nursing, human resources and learning professionals align develop and engage employees towards a patient-centric culture, while maintaining critical compliance needs.

Halogen TalentSpace™ for Healthcare

Halogen TalentSpace for Healthcare is a single, integrated talent management system that is easy to use, powerful, and grows with your organization. Managers and employees get one simple, consistent interface to access information and complete tasks, reducing time-consuming paper work so they can focus on patient care. Our system can help healthcare organizations implement effective talent management practices, which recent research has proven drives higher HCAHPS scores, boosts employee productivity and lowers nursing and management turnover.

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Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

Deciding on a talent management system \(TMS\) is one of the highest profile technology choices HR leaders will ever make. In this white paper, human capital analyst David Creelman shares insights on key considerations in the selection process from leading HR technology experts and HR professionals who’ve been there. He considers the common sources of failure and how to avoid them, how your company culture affects your choice of a TMS, and how to build your selection team in order to choose the most effective solution for your organization.

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