Performance management training for managers

What is performance management training for managers?

Great managers aren’t born; they’re made. Sure, a few people thrive when thrown in to a management role, but many new managers need help communicating effectively with employees, giving feedback and taking on a leadership role.

Performance management training can mean different things for different roles, but always focuses on teaching managers how to accomplish or facilitate work through others, and how to direct and develop their employees.

Great performance management also includes ongoing, two-way dialogue with your employees about expectations, priorities and performance. It aims to develop your employees, ensure their success and maximize their contributions to the organization.

Benefits of performance management training

The Corporate Leadership Council found that more than half of the most important drivers of employee engagement and performance are related to effective performance management skills, including setting clear goals, providing regular feedback and supporting employee development. And other research backs this up! The Ken Blanchard Companies found that managers who are effective at employee performance management produce better business results, including:

  • 50% less staff turnover
  • 10 to 30%higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • 40% higher employee commitment ratings
  • 200% higher net profits

Keys to success

Halogen can help your managers get the training and support they need to effectively lead their teams. We’ve collected eBooks, white papers, how-to articles and blogs that have proven tips and tricks to help your managers build a strong, trusting relationship with employees that will not only help individual performance, but also contribute to the success of your company.


Performance management is much more than just annual reviews. Help teach your managers to initiate an ongoing, two-way dialogue with employees about expectations, priorities and performance. Strong leadership training for managers can help ensure the success of their employees and your organization.

Performance maintenance: aligning performance, recognition & discipline

In this white paper, Dr. Christopher Lee, Ph.D., SPHR, explains the important interdependent roles of coaching and feedback, recognition and discipline. When these three tools are aligned, integrated and working together, they consistently produce quality outcomes.

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Roles and responsibilities in a best practice performance management process

Everyone at your organization needs to get involved to make your performance management process work well. This how-to article provides details on the roles and responsibilities of executives, leaders, managers, employees and HR in a best-practice performance management process. We’ve also included a case study of an organization that implemented a new strategic plan that succeeded because everyone from all levels of the organization took an active role.

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Are you committed to your employees’ success? Teaching vs. coaching your employees

What’s the difference between coaching and teaching? As Sean Conrad learned, some think there’s a big difference, and it can affect employee engagement and performance. In this blog post, you’ll get tips for effective employee performance coaching, and ideas on how to motivate and inspire your team.

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Feel like you’re managing a bunch of 5-year-olds? 5 ways to empower employees

Most managers will admit that, at times, employees act like 5-year-olds: they want to be cared for, told what to do, and have their problems solved. Not fun – and not good for your business. From a talent management perspective, here are 5 things you can do to encourage employee empowerment.

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A practical approach to aligning and managing employee goals

This Knowledge Infusion white paper explores best-practices for setting employees goals and aligning them with organizational goals. You’ll learn the new model of organization-centric alignment, and get eight detailed steps to start aligning your individual and business goals.

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Goals and outcomes: linking individual performance to organizational goals

The business world is increasingly competitive. Your employees are often your best competitive advantage, so it’s critical that you maximize their potential to help drive business success. In this white paper, Dr. Christopher Lee, Ph.D., SPHR, explains how managers can harness their employees’ potential through goal alignment and goal management.

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Accountability — effective managers go first!

In this white paper, author David Maister explores the importance of being a role model for employees to encourage accountability and integrity. To help you become accountable for your performance and success, we’ve included some management feedback tools to help you clarify your role as a manager and make yourself more accountable.

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Best practices in employee feedback

In this video, HR professional and performance management expert Jamie Resker lays out her simple and practical model for requesting and giving feedback that keeps conversations positive and effective. You’ll learn how to take the dread out of performance conversations, and the one thing that leads to better performance.

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Get my agent on the phone — How smart managers position themselves as agents via performance goals

Many managers and employees dread performance reviews. But there is a way for managers to measure their employees’ performance and give constructive feedback while ensuring employees feel you’re on their side. In this webinar, we give you the breakdown on a goal setting/performance management plan designed to do just that.

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Focusing on strengths and passion: A fresh take on employee engagement

Recent research by Towers Perrin shows that companies with high employee engagement outperform their competitors. This makes it essential to ensure your employees are committed to their roles and the success of your organization. In this how-to, we define employee engagement and review how to measure engagement at your company, and how to improve it.

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We’ve got a number of performance management tools to help improve leadership at your organization. Check out our free templates, forms and how-to articles help train your managers to be more successful at giving feedback and guiding employees to success.

Employee development templates

When you support employee development, you help build a workforce that is highly skilled and ready to help your business succeed. Download these templates to help you diagnose employee development needs, create individualized employee development plans and ensure training transfer.

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Employee performance appraisal checklists

Make sure you’re ready for employee performance appraisal season. We’ve bundled together handy checklists that walk HR, managers and employees through everything they need to do to prepare for and conduct annual performance appraisals. You can use them as-is or modify them to suit your own requirements.

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Employee feedback and coaching templates

Coaching employees and giving them feedback are critical management skills that can help drive employee performance, development and engagement. We’ve put together a feedback template to help you prepare to give truly helpful and effective feedback to employees. You’ll also find a list of tips to guide coaching conversations.

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Self-appraisal examples to use as guidance or inspiration

Writing a self-appraisal can be daunting. Many of us struggle with what to include and how much detail to provide. In this blog post, we’ve provided three examples of self-appraisals to use as a guide or as inspiration, including one for being a team player, for improving customer responsiveness, and for improving teamwork skills.

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How to support employee advancement through career management

High employee satisfaction and engagement are linked to higher performance, productivity, retention and better business results. However, for employees to be engaged, they need to feel they have a future with their organization. This eBook explores career management best practices that every organization should have in place to support career progression, drive higher employee engagement and realize better business results. You’ll learn how to put together a career plan, foster career planning discussions with management and why multi-directional career progression is critical.

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The 5 faces your managers see during performance reviews

This white paper is designed to help your HR team and managers bridge the perception gap related to how you think the employee is doing, and how the employee actually perceives their own performance. The paper includes survival strategies to deal with the employee “five faces” managers encounter during performance reviews.

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Performance management tactics that boost engagement

Performance management and employee engagement initiatives may sometimes seem to be working against each other. After all, isn’t performance management about striving for results, while employee engagement initiatives are about keeping employees happy? In this webinar, human capital expert David Creelman disagrees. Learn how good performance management can create employee engagement.

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How to successfully transition to a management role

Making the transition into a management role is tricky: the skills that you have that got you the promotion likely aren’t enough to ensure you’ll be a successful manager. Learn what you can do to shift your focus and acquire the new set of skills you need to become a great talent manager.

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How great organizations welcome new employees

The onboarding process is often limited to the employee’s first few days of work, and involves little more than filling out payroll and benefits paperwork, and completing some training. Yet how you onboard a new employee can have a significant impact on employee and organizational success. This eBook explores best practices that every organization should follow to build strong and lasting working relationships with new employees.

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Motivating employees whose pay has plateaued

Should employees get a pay raise each year? Inflation, improved performance or job tenure may justify a raise, but if those factors don’t apply, should you consider other ways of motivating your employees? In this blog post, HR expert David Creelman examines alternative bonuses, the risk of changing rewards and looking beyond rewards for other ways to motivate and inspire performance.

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How to conduct a successful annual performance appraisal

Get a handy checklist of items any manager can use to prepare for great annual performance appraisals. We cover planning the meeting, evaluating last year’s performance, creating objectives for the coming year, conducting the meeting and coaching tips.

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Learn how other organizations have improved leadership training for managers, and get tips on how your organization can help managers thrive.

Pechanga Resort and Casino

When Pechanga Resort and Casino implemented changes to its performance management, the company met a lot of resistance from their employees. Pechanga knew that changing its culture would be challenging, but with the help of Halogen Software and ongoing, open communication, the company made winning performance management and communication a part of its management culture.

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Sun-Rype Products Ltd. is a Canadian juice and fruit snack company that has been in business for 64 years. The organization has been working to boost productivity and engagement, and implement best practice performance management solutions, and has succeeded in cutting turnover rates, improving accountability and cutting costs. Get a taste of how Sun-Rype used Halogen Software to engage managers and employees in an ongoing discussion about goals, priorities, progress and performance.

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Halogen’s cloud-based solutions and products can help with manager feedback and training so your company can achieve better business outcomes.

Halogen’s performance management solution

Performance management programs can fall short if managers and employees see the process as a negative experience, or performance management isn’t clearly linked to the overall success of the business. That’s why Halogen’s performance management solution includes easily configurable software, consulting and professional services, content and support. These elements work together to create a process that is easy to use, transparent, and promotes ongoing coaching and feedback.

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Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

One of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders is selecting a talent management system \(TMS\). In this white paper Human Capital Analyst David Creelman has gathered insights from leading HR technology experts and HR professionals on some of the key considerations that go into the process of finding a TMS. It includes a step-by-step guide to building your selection team, creating a selection strategy and presenting a business case to your C-suite.

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