Job descriptions

What are job descriptions?

A job description outlines the necessary skills, training and education needed by a potential employee. Not only does it spell out the duties and responsibilities of the job, but it serves as a basis for interviewing potential candidates for a position, onboarding activities and performance evaluation.
A good job descriptions ensures managers and employees have a clear idea of the requirements and expectations of a particular position so they can be successful in that role.

Why are job descriptions important?

Done right, job description templates help make all your talent management programs – recruiting, onboarding, performance appraisals, learning and development, succession planning, compensation – fairer, more consistent, and more transparent.
Job descriptions not only help you hire the right people for the job, but also assist in developing and managing a high-performing workforce, and supports talent management programs.

Keys to success

Job descriptions are the starting point for a great talent management strategy. The resources below outline how to create job descriptions that support your performance management process as well as your business plan.  


Best-practice job descriptions help make your strategies for recruitment, onboarding, performance, learning and development, succession and compensation more fair and transparent.

Writing effective job responsibilities/ essential functions/competencies

The most challenging part about writing job descriptions is often the job responsibilities/ essential functions/ competencies section. Learn effective techniques for writing job responsibilities that drive accountability in this informative and detailed how-to article.

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Why job descriptions are foundational to all your talent management programs

Generally, job descriptions can be defined as a broad written explanation of a specific position. But job descriptions are more than just a document to be created, filed away and forgotten. They should be living, breathing documents foundational to all your talent management programs. In this eBook, you’ll learn job descriptions’ fundamental role across your talent management programs, and how other companies have realized great results using job description best practices.

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The pivotal role job descriptions (should) play in your talent management programs

Learn how job descriptions can support all your talent management programs, making them fairer, more consistent and more transparent. In this how-to article, expert consultant Dr. Gordon Medlock from HRIZONS explains why the paradigm for job descriptions is shifting. You’ll also learn how job descriptions impact your talent management programs, and why job descriptions aren’t just “nice to have”, they’re also necessary for business success.

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Job descriptions: Mission possible infographic

Agent HR, your mission is to improve and standardize job descriptions across your organization. Are you up for the challenge? Our infographic will help guide you through the process of developing job descriptions that drive performance, help make talent management programs transparent and consistent, and encourage a workplace culture that delivers results.

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Are your job descriptions dynamic enough to drive employee performance?

Job descriptions shouldn’t be just about recruiting. They should be outline what employees are accountable for, and what’s expected of them. Job descriptions should also support your organization and talent management processes. In this white paper, experts review the current state of job descriptions, what role they should play in your organization, how to make them dynamic and the technology that can help make it all possible.

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Check out our resources below for free templates, samples and how-tos to help you develop and write strong job descriptions.

Sample job description templates

Looking for job description templates? We’ve got several templates you can use for inspiration and guidance. Read through a job description template used by one of our customers, see how to cover physical requirements for a position, or read how one organization deals with a position that includes detailed job requirements. All of our templates can be used within the Job Description Builder module, or in a paper process.

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Best-practices for creating and maintaining job descriptions — Gordon Medlock

Learn how you can more easily and effectively create and manage job descriptions and use them as the foundation for your strategic talent management programs. In this video, talent management consultant Gordon Medlock shares his thoughts on what goes into a good job description, how to upgrade job descriptions, and how to be concise yet informative when writing job descriptions.

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Creating best-practice job description templates

Get expert guidance on what content goes into a best-practice job description template. We’ve included: a job summary, qualifications, working conditions, responsibilities, and more. This how-to article also includes case studies of organizations that have updated their job descriptions, made them more consistent and realized better business results.

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Learn how other organizations have improved their talent management through strong job descriptions, and get tips on how your organization

Cabell Huntington Hospital

Cabell Huntington Hospital used to have a paper-based performance management system that cost it time and money, and didn’t meet its needs. The organization used Halogen Performance™ Healthcare to reduce the time and money to complete appraisals, align job descriptions to the appraisal process and improve consistency with appraisals. Find out how this hospital realized significant cost savings in the first year and improved employee satisfaction and performance.

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Methodist Hospitals

By maximizing its use of ongoing performance management processes, Methodist Hospitals has shifted its focus to one of ongoing performance conversations and mentoring to build a world-class workforce. The organization has used Halogen Job Description Builder™ and Halogen Performance™ to decrease the administrative burden and costs of performance reviews and maintaining job descriptions, made job descriptions more consistent, and increased employee engagement.

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Halogen’s cloud-based software solutions and products can help you create clear job descriptions that provide a strong foundation for better business results.

Halogen Job Description Builder™

Strategic job descriptions build a strong foundation for talent management programs, yet many companies struggle with job descriptions that are paper-based, out-of-date or inaccurate. Halogen can help your organization create job descriptions that include core competencies that reinforce your culture, align your organizational values and drive business success.

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Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

One of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders today is selecting a talent management system \(TMS\). In this white paper, Human Capital Analyst David Creelman has gathered insights from leading HR technology experts and HR professionals on some of the key considerations that go into the process of finding a TMS. It includes a step-by-step guide to building your selection team, creating a selection strategy and presenting a business case to your C-suite.

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Halogen’s performance management solution

Performance management programs can fall short if managers and employees see the process as a negative experience, or performance management isn’t clearly linked to the overall success of the business. That’s why Halogen’s performance management solution includes easily configurable software, consulting and professional services, content and support. These elements work together to create a process that is easy to use, transparent, and promotes ongoing coaching and feedback.

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