Employee retention

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees. An engaged employee is completely involved and enthusiastic about their work, making a positive contribution to the organization’s success.

So what’s the best way to engage employees? Organizations need to give their workers clear direction and a larger context for their work. Employees also need to see that there are opportunities for career development and progression, hear praise for their work, and feel that they are encouraged to do their best.

The benefits of employee engagement

Research, from HR research groups to Gallup polls, has found that engaged employees are more productive and customer focused.

Workforce engagement researchers, including Towers Perrin, have also found that companies with high levels of employee engagement have better financial results, including higher operating income, increased net income growth and better earnings per share.

Engaged employees are also more loyal to their employers. Retaining key talent is critical to business success, not just because turnover costs are high, but also because competition for high performing employees is fierce.

To attract and retain employees, you must show that your talent management process encourages employee progression and personal growth – and emphasizes a corporate culture that reinforces your company’s values.

Keys to success

Adopting job engagement best practices can be challenging, but it is an effective way to retain employees and boost productivity. Our Center of Excellence for employee engagement and retention has everything you need to ensure your employees are inspired, motivated and working hard to make your organization great – today and for years to come.


Talent management best-practices are one great way to address employee needs and create a culture that fosters employee engagement. Establishing an ongoing, two-way dialogue about performance; having clear, SMART goals; and encouraging manager coaching, training and succession planning go a long way towards building a strong, engaged workforce.

Frontline managers: Are they given the leadership tools they need to succeed

This report looks at the results of a survey by Harvard business Review Analytic Services. The goal of the survey was to determine how important frontline managers are to organizational success and business performance. Included in the report are key statistics on the role of frontline managers, where and why frontline managers fall behind in competencies, and how technology can help fill frontline performance gaps.

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Best practices for recruitment: How to attract, retain and repel the right employees

Culture expert and national speaker Lizz Pellet explains how your organization can leverage its culture to attract, retain and repel the right employees – because it’s just as important to weed out applicants who don’t fit your culture as it is to bring the right ones in. Lizz also explores the importance of culture and employee development in terms of retaining high-performing employees.

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The problems with traditional performance reviews and what to do about them

Many managers, employees and HR professionals could come up with a list of complaints about the traditional performance review. But when done right, performance reviews can be a great thing. In this infographic, we explore what usually happens for HR, managers and employees in a traditional performance review, and how each individual can change the process to get what they want and need out of it.

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How to support employee advancement through career management

Research has shown that high employee satisfaction and engagement are linked to higher performance, productivity, retention and better business results. One of the best ways to engage employees is give them the opportunity to expand their skills and further their careers at your organization. This eBook looks at career management best practices, including how to put together a career plan, and how to foster career discussions with management.

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Best practices for engaging and retaining your high potential employees — Dr. Henryk Krajewski

What’s the best way to engage your top employees? In this video, leadership consultant and industrial psychologist Dr. Henryk Krajewski, shares some of his best tips on how to motivate and retain your high potential employees, including the key questions you should ask, ‘the deal’ you can create to give your employees and your company what they need, and what happens when your top employees are fully engaged in their work.

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Does your organization have healthy employee turnover?

Employee turnover is a fact of life for every organization. But is your current turnover healthy or unhealthy? In this blog post, we look at some of the turnover rates by industry and the “golden turnover number” you should aim for. We also look at the value of stay interviews and exit interviews, and how talent management practices can help reduce unhealthy employee turnover.

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Practical ways to foster development on the job

According to research by the Center for Creative Leadership, we learn up to 90% of what we know to do our jobs while on the job – through experience, connection with others and training. In this how-to article, we outline a number of ways that your organization can foster on-the-job learning, and considerations that should be made before assigning developmental work.

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The disengaged star: four imperatives to re-engage high-potential employees

Have you noticed a drop in engagement in your high-potential employees? This webinar shows you how to re-engage HIPOs by improving manager skills, creating viable career paths and supporting HIPOs in key development experiences. You’ll also learn strategies to help your HIPOs envision their long-term career at your organization.

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Coaching or cloning: how to coach more effectively

It can be easy as a manager to try and clone employees rather than coach them. But coaching should be more about fostering an employee’s self-awareness and growth than creating a “mini-me”. This how-to article explores ways that managers can ask questions and share ideas to help employees grow, develop, and determine their own way of handling a situation.

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Preparing development plans worth looking at again

In this webinar, Dave Fisher from Development Dimensions International (DDI), shares best practices, tools and case studies of how organizations have created, executed and managed development plans that support their company’s current and future needs. You’ll learn how to hold people accountable for their goals, and ensure that employees and managers work together on goals.

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Accelerate leadership: employee development with Halogen TalentSpace

Feedback, learning and development are critical to driving employee performance, which is why Halogen has created new features that will help improve feedback. We’ve also partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI), to integrate and resell its competency library and leadership development content. Find out how Halogen TalentSpace™ can help you with your feedback and learning plans.

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Employee motivation infographic

While the importance of having an engaged workforce makes sense in theory, it can be more challenging to justify the expense of employee engagement initiatives to your C-suite. To make it easier, we’ve put together an infographic of statistics and best practices that will help you demonstrate the value of an engaged workforce.

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How to support employee career advancement

Do your employees feel they have a future with your organization? Ensuring that managers work with employees on a career plan and development opportunities can play a big role in building employee loyalty. This eBook explores best practices, tips for career planning discussions and how to put together a career plan so you can engage and retain employees.

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Overcoming barriers to learning and development

In this eBook, Halogen and Development Dimensions International (DDI) take a closer look at learning and development, and what stops leaders from around the world from having discussions about performance and learning new skills and behaviors. The eBook also outlines the benefits of informal and formal learning, and best practices in developing and executing learning plans.

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The dollars and sense of employee engagement infographic

Learn why a happy employee is different from an engaged employee – and why it matters to your business. This blog post outlines the latest statistics on employee engagement and gives tips on how to motivate employees and boost engagement at your company.

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We’ve got the employee engagement and retention software and tools you need to assess your company’s culture, avoid common engagement mistakes and build a strong workforce. Check out our tips and best practices and help ensure organization is ready for whatever the future holds.

Employee development plan templates

Supporting employee development is a key priority in most organizations. But to do that effectively, you need to accurately diagnose development needs and identify the appropriate learning activities. Our employee development plan templates can help you do that. We’ve included manager’s checklist for diagnosing development needs, a development plan template, and a checklist for ensuring training transfer.

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Tailor Communication to Increase Employee Engagement

When employees feel their talents are being recognized and used, and when they have the opportunity to grow and develop, they are more engaged at work, more productive and happier. Sherrie Haynie, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Master Practitioner, leads this webinar on how managers and employees can improve how they communicate. You’ll learn how our minds are wired to perceive and communicate information, how to improve communication and how MBTI® can help boost performance and teamwork.

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The problems with traditional performance reviews and what to do about them

Take an in-depth look at what usually happens in traditional performance reviews, what HR, managers and employees want to happen, and how to ensure everyone gets what they want and need from performance reviews. This handy infographic will help you, your managers and employees reap the benefits from constructive, clear communication.

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Motivation Self-Assessment

Want to help your managers understand what motivates your employees? The Anderson Leadership Group has developed a Motivation Self-Assessment tool for employees that helps managers get a better understanding of what is important to their team members. This kind of insight can be used to inspire and develop each employee to perform to the best of their ability.

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Diagnosing development needs

Unsure how to deal with an employee skill gap? We’ve created an infographic outlining different development needs – whether it’s a skill, value or mindset, knowledge or intelligence – what managers need to consider and what development tactics should be taken.

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Template: Career management plan

There are four ways you can move in your career: up, down, laterally or circuitously. No matter which direction you want to move, you need to have an action plan. We’ve created a downloadable template to help you organize a comprehensive career management plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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Tips for effective coaching conversations

We all know that great coaches instruct, develop, and support their employee’s performance. But it can be hard to translate that knowledge into action. We’ve compiled a list of coaching tips to reinforce successful behavior, address poor performance, and how to follow up on changing poor performance.

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Performance management tactics that boost engagement

HR analyst David Creelman leads this webinar on how performance management and employee engagement work together. David also explains how using the link between performance management and engagement can lead to more effective performance appraisals and an increased commitment to performance management for managers and employees.

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Using a learning management system to meet ISO 9001 requirements

In this webinar, Quality Management System Implementation expert Lori Hunt reviews ISO 9001 requirements and how they can be applied to any business. You’ll learn who the clause applies to, how to achieve competence, and how to document records of competence.

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Templates: Onboarding checklists

An effective onboarding process should introduce an employee to your organization, and allow your organization to get to know them. To help with this, we’ve organized onboarding checklists for HR, managers and employees. We’ve also included the document, 7 steps to effectively onboard a new employee, to help you refine your onboarding process.

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A guide to best practices for retaining employees in professional services firms

This eBook focuses on HR’s top priorities in professional services firms, including how to recruit scarce skills, retain top-performers and build a high-performance culture. It also explores the differences in workplace attitudes in Baby Boomers and Millennials, and how talent management software can help drive employee engagement and retention.

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Learn how other organizations have engaged and retained their best talent, and get tips on how your organization can increase employee engagement.

Basic American Foods

An innovator and leader in convenience and refrigerated foods, Basic American Foods (BAF), wanted to ensure it was doing all it could to develop its employees. The company used Halogen Performance™ and Halogen 360 Multirater™ to create a feedback-rich culture, generate a full picture of employee performance and boost engagement.

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San Diego Zoo

In 2006, the San Diego Zoo re-evaluated its old practices and decided to create a new strategic plan to modernize how it operated, including placing a greater focus on employee accountability. The Zoo used Halogen Performance™ to establish a consistent review process, align individual goals to organizational objectives and build a pay-for-performance culture.

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UW Credit Union

The UW Credit Union is a growing financial institution with 20 full-service branches. The organization understands that great service begins with an engaged workforce, and has used Halogen Performance™ to help improve employee engagement scores year-over-year for the last five years. UW Credit Union has also improved accountability and transparency, and realized higher than average customer satisfaction scores.

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Sun-Rype Products Ltd. is a juice and fruit snack company based in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. When the organization wanted to improve its corporate culture and employee engagement, it turned to Halogen Performance™ ‒ an automated performance management system ‒ to decrease its turnover rate, improve employee accountability and streamline its performance management processes. Learn how Sun-Rype has improved productivity and engagement.

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Halogen’s cloud-based software solutions and products can help you engage and retain your talent to help build better business outcomes.

Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

Selecting a talent management system is one of the biggest decisions that an HR leader can make. In this white paper, human capital analyst David Creelman reviews the key considerations in selecting talent management technology. David also draws on the knowledge of leading HR technology experts and HR professionals who are familiar with the challenges of selecting a talent management suite.

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Halogen 1:1 Exchange

Looking for a simple, centralized way to track goals, exchange feedback and discuss career development opportunities? Check out Halogen 1:1 Exchange™, a tool that gives managers and employees instant access to goal progress, development activities, meeting minutes and feedback. See how this powerful tool can help your workforce develop stronger working relationships and drive higher performance.

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