Employee development

What is employee development?

Employee development is a joint effort between organizations and employees to ensure there are opportunities for individuals to learn new skills, refine existing skills, and build knowledge and experience. Investing in employees not only leads to more engaged and productive workers, but also higher loyalty. 

Why is employee development so important?

The Center for Creative Leadership found that most people learn 70% of what they need to know on the job, 20% of what they need to know through feedback, coaching, role models, mentors, and 10% of what they need to know through formal training.

Effective employee development plans can help your organization boost morale and engagement, retain organizational memory and expertise, and build alignment between employee and company goals.

That means developing employees is not only key to retention and productivity but also to creating a strong and engaged workforce that will help you attain your business goals.

If you spend the same amount of time and energy developing people as you do on budgeting, strategic planning and financial monitoring, the payoff will come in sustainable competitive advantage.

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, 2002

Keys for success

Implementing or improving an employee development program can be intimidating. That’s why we’ve collected resources, including white papers, eBooks, templates, case studies and blog posts to help you map out a plan for developing your employees’ skills.

Strategy: Your people are your company’s biggest asset, and developing their skills are one of the best strategies for business success. Discover how to bring out the best in your employees’ performances, and help them gain skills and experiences that will benefit their career as well as your business.

Linking learning and performance: does your talent measure up?

As organizations sharpen their focus on ROI, the emphasis has changed from how good the training is, to how well the training is used to improve performance. This webinar explores how to align individual goals with strategic company goals, leverage managers’ coaching skills, and how to manage the integration of performance and learning with technology.


Your people are your company’s biggest asset, which is why developing their skills is one of the best strategies for business success. Discover how to bring out the best in your employees’ performance, and help them gain the skills and experience that will benefit their career as well as your business.

Frontline Managers: Are They Given the Leadership Tools to Succeed?

Frontline managers have an increasingly important role in business today. In a survey of its readers, Harvard Business Review looked at frontline managers and whether they’re given enough support to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. This report includes statistics and tips on how technology can help fill frontline performance gaps.

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Preparing Development Plans Worth Looking at Again

In this informative and insightful webinar, Dave Fisher from Development Dimensions International (DDI) shares best practices, tools, and sample case studies to help create effective and meaningful development plans. You’ll learn how to hold individuals accountable for achieving their goals, and how talent management technology can help you assess, develop and measure performance.

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Overcoming barriers to learning and development

In this white paper, Development Dimensions International (DDI) and Halogen Software take a closer look at what prevents leaders from around the world from learning and applying new skills and behaviors. Some of the revelations: informal learning would be more effective with manager support, and formal learning needs to be more directly connected to job performance. The white paper also explores ways to overcome barriers to learning and best practices to developing learning plans.

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Coaching or cloning? How to coach more effectively

Coaching can be an effective employee development and career development tool — as long as you’re helping your employee be their best, not your best. In this how-to article, discover ways to fix the cloning problem, including recognizing and valuing differences, improving self-awareness and making coaching part of your culture.

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Learning management blog posts

It’s everything you wanted to know about managing learning and development! Our blog is constantly being updated with articles from industry experts, and tackling subjects such as employee development, career development, and learning management.

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Who’s in charge of your career development plan? You are, silly!

Think your manager is supposed to chart out your career path? Think again. This blog post includes practical ideas for building out your professional development plan and taking charge of your career. This is your career – if you’re not moving it forward, who will?

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Learning puts the “heart” in talent management

We all know that budgets are stretched pretty tight these days. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in learning and development. In fact, learning is one tool that can help your organization react quickly to shifting markets – while improving your long-term stability. In this blog post, you’ll learn about learning’s critical role in supporting all your talent management processes.

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Accelerate Leadership & Employee Development with Halogen TalentSpace™

Two key factors to building a world-class workforce are regular, ongoing feedback and strong communication. That’s why Halogen’s talent management software includes a Feedback Central Digest feature, as well as exclusive access to Development Dimensions International (DDI)’s renowned competency framework. In this blog post, learn how these features can help employees improve their skills and communicate more effectively. Plus, read how organizations are using Central Digest and DDI content to help advance employees’ careers.

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Why learning is the new career development

Today’s workplace is much different than the workplace of 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Yet the approach to learning and development hasn’t changed very much. In this blog, Julie Winkle Guilioni says it’s time to rebrand, redefine and reconstitute career development so it’s more aligned with the business landscape and to what organizations can support.

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Get the most out of your learning management system

If your learning management system \(LMS\) solely deals with compliance-driven documentation, you are missing out on a great opportunity to build your workforce and grow your business. Using an LMS to assess your workforce and fill skill gaps and deficiencies will not only build your talent pipeline, but also help engage and retain your employees.

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The cost of learning content

Many companies have started investing in a learning management system \(LMS\) – in 2014, this market grew by 21%, and hit $2.5 billion. But the real value of an LMS is the content it gives your organization access to. In this blog post, Halogen Software Product Marketing Manager Julie Harrison stresses the importance of content when you’re researching and budgeting for an LMS.

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10 benefits of a true learning culture

A successful learning and development strategy isn’t something you can set up and then forget about. In order to get the most out of development programs, you must make learning a part of your company culture. This eBook not only outlines ten benefits of building a learning culture, but also explains how to create and maintain that culture at your organization.

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The right tools can help you identify employee learning and development opportunities and create effective learning plans. Check out our resources below for free templates, samples and forms you can use to develop and refine your employee learning and development programs.

Practical ways to ensure your training and HR software investments are effective

Investing in employee training and development is important for employee engagement – but not just any training or development will do. It’s always important to make sure you’re getting a return on your training investments. In this how-to article get some practical tips for ensuring your training investments are effective.

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Tips for effective coaching conversations

A great coach can make all the difference in employee performance. But great coaches aren’t born, they’re made through experience, trial and error. This how-to article will help you learn best practices for coaching employees, reinforcing successful behavior and addressing performance gaps.

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Employee development plan templates

Supporting employee development is a key priority in most organizations. But to do this effectively, you need to accurately diagnose development needs and identify the appropriate learning activities. Our employee development plan templates can help you do that. We’ve included manager’s checklist for diagnosing development needs, a development plan template, and a checklist for ensuring training transfer.

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Diagnosing employee development needs infographic

Trying to determine the best way to help your employees improve their skills, build knowledge or change their mindset? Our infographic, Diagnosing development needs, helps you identify what the employee needs to work on, and the best way for them to gain the skill, knowledge, mindset or values they need to advance their career.

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Diagnosing employee development needs infographic

There are four ways you can move in your career – up, down, laterally or circuitously. No matter which way you want to go, you need to carefully prepare and plan your career goals. This process and template will help you create a comprehensive career management plan and achieve your next career goal.

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Practical tools for fostering professional development on-the-job

Research shows that 90% of what we need to know to do our jobs well, we learn on the job. This how-to article includes ways you can help employees develop their skills while on the job.

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Career development is key to increasing employee engagement

New York Times best-selling author Kevin Sheridan authors this blog post on the impact of career development on employee engagement. In his words: “If peoples’ desire to make advancement in their own career isn’t fulfilled, they will begin looking for work elsewhere.” He discusses ways that managers and leaders can develop and engage employees and, in turn, ensure their company’s success.

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20 great ideas for work mentoring activities

Having a mentor is a great way to build your skills and figure out a career path. Being a mentor can be just as valuable – but what does great mentorship involve? This infographic includes ideas on training and mentoring activities, including creating a mentoring action plan, providing networking opportunities, and sharing your career history. Check out the article and get inspired to be a great mentor!

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Using a learning talent management system to meet ISO 9001 requirements

It’s important that Quality Managers understand ISO 9001 so they can leverage the organization’s learning and development to meet competency, training and awareness requirements. In this webinar, we review the ISO requirements, and outline how Quality Managers can work with HR to implement those requirements while also adding value to the organization.

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How to align learning with business outcomes

Performance management is moving from ranking and scoring talent to nurturing and developing talent. To make the change a smooth one, you need a strong learning and development program. In this webinar, we discuss the four key steps to connect learning to business outcomes and how to transform your eLearning content in to blended learning – all using a case study of an organization that has done just that.

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Learn how other organizations have improved employee learning paths and development plans, and access expert advice on how to achieve that same success.

Aramco Services Company

Aramco Services Company (ASC) is the growing U.S.-based subsidiary of the world’s leading oil producing and exporting company, Saudi Aramco. As ASC’s workforce grew, it found that managing its talent on paper simply wasn’t working. The organization turned to a cloud-based talent management solution, and now its employees can identify training needs, discuss development opportunities with their managers and review available courses, all from one online software interface.

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New England Organ Bank

Linking learning and performance has allowed New England Organ Bank to align training investments with corporate strategy and empower employees to manage goals, development plans and training in one place. Learning and Development Manager David Hofstetter shares how having an integrated talent management system has helped them track and manage goals, address skill gaps and measure the effectiveness of training investments.

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Basic American Foods

Basic American Foods (BAF) is an innovator and leader in convenience and refrigerated foods. The organization knows the key ingredient to success is its highly skilled employees and continued career development. By implementing Halogen TalentSpace, BAF has been able to improve its learning and development programs, boost employee engagement and create a feedback-rich culture.

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Halogen’s cloud-based software solutions and products can help you create and manage employee development programs to build better business results.

Halogen Learning™

Want to easily manage all your learning assets, create targeted training programs and build a world-class workforce? Halogen Learning™ makes it possible with auto-enrollment and auto-withdrawal functionality, simple certification tracking, and easy competency mapping so managers and employees can identify the right development activities. See how this powerful tool can help your workforce develop the skills it needs to grow your business.

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Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

Selecting a talent management system is one of the biggest decisions that an HR leader can make. In this white paper, human capital analyst David Creelman reviews the key considerations in selecting talent management technology. David also draws on the knowledge of leading HR technology experts and HR professionals who are familiar with the challenges of selecting a talent management suite.

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