Developing and retaining top talent

Why are high potentials critical to business success?

The Corporate Executive Board defines high-potential employees as individuals who have been identified as having the ability, aspiration and commitment to take on leadership positions within an organization.

High potentials (HIPOs) like what they do, always go the extra mile and see a future for themselves in your organization. Since these HIPOs are the rising stars of your organization, your company’s future success depends on keeping them engaged and investing in their training and development.

The benefits of retaining top talent

No one would dispute that developing and retaining your best employees is important. But do you know just how critical it is? According to HR thought leader Dr. John Sullivan, top performers produce about 10 times more than the average worker, generate most of the innovative ideas and act as mentors and role models to others. Research by Corporate Executive Board and other think tanks back this up.

These findings make it imperative that your company does all it can to hold onto its top talent. Yet, in a 2014 report, Towers Watson found that 56% of employees had difficulty retaining high performers.

What are the best ways to ensure your top people build their careers at your organization?

Keys to success

Employees who are engaged in their work, who see potential for growth, and whose values align with their company’s values are much more likely to stay with their current organization. It’s also important that employees understand how they contribute to organizational success, and that they’re recognized for those contributions.

In this Center of Excellence, you’ll learn how to identify high potentials so you can create learning and development plans that emphasize career progression and personal growth. By engaging and developing your best talent, you’ll not only help build their careers, but also ensure your company’s success.


Developing and retaining your best talent may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Establishing an ongoing, two-way dialogue about performance; having clear, SMART goals; and encouraging manager coaching, training and succession planning, go a long way towards building a strong, engaged and loyal workforce.

Nurturing the top talent in your organization

Your top performers contribute the most value to your corporation, but they also have the easiest time finding other employment. That makes it essential for your organization to identify, nurture and retain those employees. In this how-to article, you’ll learn strategies to identify, motivate, develop and engage your top talent.

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Establishing an effective employee turnover and retention strategy

Employee turnover isn’t always a bad thing. New employees often bring an influx of fresh ideas and perspective that can re-energize other employees. But too much turnover lowers employee morale and can affect productivity. The trick is getting the balance right. This how-to article outlines ideas to help you convince valuable employees to stay, track turnover metrics and focus on talent management best practices.

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A guide to best practices for retaining employees in professional services firms

This eBook focuses on HR’s top priorities in professional services firms, including how to recruit scarce skills, retain top-performers and build a high-performance culture. It also explores the differences in workplace attitudes in Baby Boomers and Millennials, and how talent management software can help drive employee engagement and retention.

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How to support employee advancement through career management

Research has shown that high employee satisfaction and engagement are linked to higher performance, productivity, retention and better business results. One of the best ways to engage employees is to give them the opportunity to expand their skills and further their careers in your organization. This eBook looks at career management best practices, including how to put together a career plan and how to foster career discussions with management.

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Why pay for performance can work at last

A lot of expectations have been placed on pay-for-performance. Rewarding high performers and punishing poor performers seems like an ideal solution to boost performance. Yet making pay-for-performance decisions is harder than most people like to admit. This white paper examines software solutions and different approaches to linking pay to performance.

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10 benefits of a true learning culture

A successful learning and development strategy isn’t something you can set up and then forget about. In order to get the most out of development programs, you must make learning a part of your company culture. This eBook not only outlines ten benefits of building a learning culture, but also explains how to create and maintain that culture at your organization.

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We’ve got the employee engagement and retention software and tools you need to assess your company’s culture, avoid common engagement mistakes and hold on to your top performers. Check out our tips and best practices and help ensure your best talent can see a bright future with your company.

The disengaged star: four imperatives to re-engage high-potential employees

Have you noticed a drop in engagement in your high-potential (HIPO) employees? This webinar shows you how to re-engage HIPOs by improving manager skills, creating viable career paths and supporting HIPOs in key development experiences. You’ll also learn strategies to help your HIPOs envision their long-term career in your organization.

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Enabling individual evolution with 360-feedback

Eric J. Sydell, Ph.D., of the Shaker Consulting Group explores how you can use 360-degree feedback to increase individual self-awareness, benefitting the individual and the organization.

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The five faces managers see during performance reviews

This webcast is designed to help your HR team and managers bridge the perception gap related to how you think the employee is doing, and how the employee actually perceives their own performance. HR experts Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett lead the way, by providing survival strategies to engage each of the employee “five faces” managers deal with.

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Simple ways to drive up employee engagement and retention

The latest research shows that there are a few basic things organizations can do to boost engagement and retain employees. This how-to article explores four employee engagement best practices and includes tips on how to improve your talent management and your company culture so you can reduce your employee turnover and retain your best talent.

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Learn how other organizations have engaged and retained their high potentials, and get tips on how your organization’s managers and leaders can help increase employee engagement.

Fairbanks Hospital

Fairbanks Hospital is the oldest independent alcohol and drug treatment center in the U.S. To attract and retain specialized talent, it needs to stay competitive, and it achieves this with the help of Halogen Software. The company spent a lot of time creating organizational standards for inclusion in everyone’s appraisal, as well as carefully outlining management standards and weighting sections to help align its workforce with its strategic plan.

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Top northwest accounting firm empowers employees with performance management

Clark Nuber is a CPA and consulting firm committed to ensuring it’s an employer of choice for accounting professionals in Washington State. The organization turned to an automated performance management system that helped give its employees and partners greater visibility into performance and other areas of the business. Thanks to Halogen TalentSpace™, employees are now more empowered and connected to their work, and partners are up to date with reports.

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Campus Management Corporation

Campus Management Corporation (CMC) provides more than 1,000 post-secondary institutions from around the world with administrative and eLearning software and services. The technology-driven organization wanted to move its performance appraisal and compensation programs to an automated system and refine its performance management process. CMC is encouraging managers to use Halogen Performance™ to continually drive higher employee performance, as well as Halogen Compensation™ to integrate and track compensation programs and position itself as an employer of choice.

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FuelCell Energy

Stationary electric power company FuelCell Energy employs more than 500 people in offices in the U.S. and Asia. The organization decided to automate its performance processes after a period of rapid growth and rising disengagement among its employees. The organization used Halogen Performance™ and Halogen 360 Multirater™ to align its workforce, improve the usefulness of its performance management data and ensure it develops and retains its high-potential employees.

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Halogen’s cloud-based solutions can help you engage, develop and retain your best talent to help build better business outcomes.

Halogen Learning™

Want to easily manage all your learning assets, create targeted training programs and build a world-class workforce? Halogen Learning™ makes it possible with auto-enrollment and auto-withdrawal functionality, simple certification tracking, and easy competency mapping so managers and employees can identify the right development activities. See how this powerful tool can help your workforce develop the skills it needs to grow your business.

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Selecting a talent management suite: Experts share the real story

Selecting a talent management system is one of the biggest decisions that an HR leader can make. In this white paper, human capital analyst David Creelman reviews the key considerations in selecting talent management technology. David also draws on the knowledge of leading HR technology experts and HR professionals who are familiar with the challenges of selecting a talent management suite.

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