360 degree feedback

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback can be a fundamental element in best practice talent management program.  360-degree feedback is performance focused input that can come from all members of an employee’s or leader’s immediate work circle.  Gathering confidential and anonymous feedback from managers, colleagues, direct reports and customers or stakeholders gives a panoramic view of an employees’ performance, including what they do well, and what they need to work on. It provides a blueprint for performance management planning, learning and development planning and succession planning.

Contrast that with traditional feedback from one source: your employees’ managers. It can be difficult for your managers to give an accurate picture of their employee’s performance, particularly if an employee works shifts, works at a different location, or doesn’t work closely with that manager.

To get a broader, more objective perspective on employee performance, strengths and areas for development, multisource feedback is essential.

The benefits of 360-degree feedback

Your managers may feel they have a good connection with their employees, and give regular feedback. But if they’re only seeing the employee’s performance from their perspective, they’re likely only getting part of the story.

A 360-degree feedback system helps managers and employees better understand strengths and weaknesses as perceived by peers, team leaders, mentors, subordinates, or external stakeholders. And when that feedback is included as part of your performance management process, it helps ensure employees have a broader and more fair evaluation.

Another bonus: when employees view the feedback they receive as more objective, they become better engaged in the process and in their own development.

Online 360-degree assessments also make it easy for HR to avoid the headaches and tediousness of a paper process.

Keys for success

Introducing a 360-degree evaluation process into your organization is one of the most effective ways to ensure employees get better feedback that supports improved performance and ongoing development. 

Not sure where to start? Our 360-degree feedback center of excellence has a variety of resources and best practice guidelines to help you, whether you’re thinking about implementing a multi-rater process, or trying to maximize your existing process.


If managers have the complete picture of an employee’s performance, they can easily identify areas for development and learning. Learn strategies and best practices for collecting and panoramic feedback, and how to leverage that feedback to improve performance, develop learning plans and build succession plans.

Enabling individual evolution with 360 feedback

Eric J. Sydell, Ph.D., of the Shaker Consulting Group explores how you can use 360 degree feedback to increase individual self-awareness, benefitting the individual and the organization.

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How to set up an effective 360 degree evaluation process

Learn the fundamental questions you need to ask and answer when setting up your 360 degree multirater evaluation process.

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The problem with traditional performance reviews and what to do about them

It’s no secret that many HR professionals, managers and employees aren’t big fans of the traditional annual performance review. We’ve taken a close look at what usually happens in those reviews, determined what you really want to happen, and found ways to help you achieve that.

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Driving the future of performance management with Halogen Software

If your performance management program is seen as negative and time-consuming rather than valuable and important to individual and organizational success, your program is doomed to fail. This webinar shows you how Halogen Software can help you design a better performance management process – one that helps you achieve the business results you want.

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The right tools can help you improve feedback, boost communication and build better business results. Check out our resources below to see free templates, samples and forms that can help you develop and refine your 360-degree feedback process.

Free 360 degree feedback form samples

Want to really get insight into an employee’s performance? Gather feedback from that employee’s direct reports, peers, and supervisors. We’ve created forms, layouts, rating scales and content for 360-degree reviews to help you collect 360-degree feedback, as well as a template to help you create your own best-practice 360-degree review process.

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Employee feedback and coaching templates

A great coach can help boost employee performance, development and engagement. Few people are born great coaches, but it’s possible to develop good coaching skills. This template has everything managers need to give constructive feedback and hold effective coaching conversations.

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Employee feedback examples: the good, the bad and the ugly, and how to give effective feedback

Feedback isn’t about changing your employees – only the person themselves can initiate change. It’s about starting a dialogue so both of you can have a better understanding of each other, your expectations, and your appreciation for each other. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

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Upward Feedback: How to Give Your Boss Your Honest Opinion

Giving feedback is challenging. Giving feedback to your boss can be downright scary. But if planned carefully, upward feedback can be powerful and beneficial. We have five things you should think about before giving your boss your honest opinion.

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Learn how other organizations have improved their 360-degree feedback, and get tips on how to achieve that same success.

Basic American Foods

Basic American Foods is also using 360 degree feedback to gain a better-rounded picture of its employees’ performance and to build leadership.

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J.H. Findorff

At general contractor J.H. Findorff, providing 360 degree multirater feedback to their employees has proven to be a competitive hiring advantage, especially for attracting younger employees.

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Halogen’s cloud-based software solutions and products can help you set up a multirater process that provides a panoramic view of your workforce so you can build better business results.

A simpler way to gather 360-degree feedback for employee reviews, multirater and talent assessments

Is your company finding it challenging to get feedback on employees who work shifts, work away from the office or don’t have a direct relationship with their manager? Halogen 360 Multirater™ can help managers get a fair, objective evaluation of performance so they can set better goals and outline more specific development plans for employees. Check out some of Multirater’s features!

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Selecting A Talent Management Suite: Experts Share The Real Story

A talent management system can deliver a lot of value to your HR processes and your organization, but choosing the one that’s a good fit for your company can be a difficult decision. This white paper brings together some of HR’s top experts to examine what you should consider while selecting a talent management suite.

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