St. Camillus focuses on ongoing performance management improvements with Halogen Continuous Advancement Services

Pam Loveless explains how she now has data she can use to benchmark employee performance, and drive strategic decision-making and change.

Wisconsin-based St. Camillus is a non-profit healthcare organization offering rehab, short-term, and long-term care for the poor and the elderly.

As part of its world-class continuum of care commitment, St. Camillus’ dedicated staff and volunteers seek to enrich everyday life and encourage growth for seniors during all phases of life, which is reflected in its motto Today. Tomorrow. Together.


St. Camillus is made up of several lines of business, which cover the complete continuum of care — from independent living and assisted living to skilled nursing. Additionally, the organization offers homecare and hospice services.

“With staff spread across so many different areas and functions, it’s crucial that everyone who works at St. Camillus is on the same path, pulling in the same direction and working towards the same goals,” says Pam Loveless, Director, HR and Information Systems. “Being able to measure employee performance and ensuring that everyone is focused on and delivering on our mission is critical for our success.”

Since 2011, St. Camillus has been using Halogen’s solutions to conduct performance evaluations online. “We’ve been very pleased with the Halogen solution; it enables us to carry out performance management tasks electronically and also make them available to our end-users on demand,” says Loveless.

Why take the next step to Halogen Continuous Advancement Services?

“We discovered early on how powerful Halogen Performance™ is and we also recognized that, with the right guidance, we could get even more value from it. That’s why we turned to Halogen Continuous Advancement Services in December of 2012,” explains Loveless.

Designed to help companies who want to maximize their value from Halogen solutions, Halogen Continuous Advancement Services enable customers to further refine, improve and mature their talent management processes for maximum business results.

“Specifically, we were looking for expert help with statistical analysis — the data that would give us greater insight into employee performance and ways to use this data to improve existing processes. Given my other responsibilities and my limited time, this type of analysis was well beyond what I could carve out time to do,” says Loveless.


With the help of Halogen Continuous Advancement Services, leadership and HR teams at St. Camillus can now see more clearly what’s working, what’s not and what can be improved.  Here are just some of the ways St. Camillus is deriving value from the services. 


Improving outcomes

“Halogen Continuous Advancement Services has provided us with greater insight into where we need to make changes at St. Camillus to drive the high performance we need to support our mission,” says Loveless. “From an HR perspective, the services have saved me time and effort, and provided me with much greater clarity around areas for process and management improvement. Now I have more time to focus on the strategic talent management initiatives that are helping us to build a dedicated and motivated world-class staff,” says Loveless.

Halogen Continuous Advancement Services

By providing ongoing support and collaboration from Halogen business consultants — coupled with on-demand, best-practice training — Halogen’s Continuous Advancement Services help customers get maximum return from their talent management investment, build their expertise year after year, and gradually mature their talent management processes.