Staged implementation of new appraisal system wins staff endorsement

Sue Desroches speaks about how Halogen Performance™ is helping managers understand that performance management is primarily about developing your people.

The Regional Municipality of York upgraded its employee performance and talent management system, enabling the organization to:

  • Implement the new system using a low-risk, staged pilot approach
  • Build employee engagement and endorsement of the performance management process
  • Align individual, departmental and organizational goals


The Regional Municipality of York is made up of nine local municipalities and provides services to over 983 000 residents. York Region has a two-tier government structure, with services provided by the Region and local area municipal governments. York Region provides services for its residents and businesses that include transportation services, transit, water, wastewater, community and health services, policing, human services and growth management.


For three years, using a pilot group of 175 employees, The Regional Municipality of York looked for an employee performance and talent management system with robust enough functionality to meet its changing needs. In addition to what its previous system had offered, the Region wished for much greater flexibility and the ability to quickly and easily configure the system to meet business needs.

"We needed a user friendly product that was very flexible. We wanted a solution that would satisfy the needs of our end users," said Sue Desroches, HR Analyst with The Regional Municipality of York.


York Region began identifying possible vendors and, based on past experiences, they developed a list of selection criteria for the new system. The No. 1 consideration was finding an HR software solution for managing employee performance that was easy to use and intuitive for its clients.

"The people at Halogen were very responsive, friendly and easy to work with. With their help we were able to implement the solution within a month," said Desroches. "They deliver great customer service."

Having successfully completed its pilot process, the Region will continue to implement the solution in manageable, low-risk phases. A new group of 300 employees is set to come on board this year, with additional employees joining in following years.


The Regional Municipality of York's first performance appraisal process with the new system went extremely well, as reflected in the employee feedback they gathered using an employee satisfaction survey. Employees were very happy with the new system, with 90 percent of respondents indicating that they found the system extremely easy to use and navigate through. The survey also found that 70 percent of respondents thought that the new Halogen system saved them time over previous years using features such as electronic signatures. The team was very impressed with these initial responses after just their first year. Perhaps the most impressive result was the 90 percent of respondents who recommended that Halogen be implemented as a corporate-wide application.

York Region was able to maintain much of the look and feel of its past performance appraisal forms in order to help employees make the adjustment to the new system, but it also took advantage of Halogen's flexibility to take steps to improve its overall process. Following its first cycle, York Region decided to further streamline their process.

In the end, after successfully implementing Halogen Performance™ in small, low-risk steps The Regional Municipality of York has built up employee engagement and support for their performance appraisal process, by making it faster and easier to complete. Employees have experienced the benefits of Halogen Performance and have openly expressed their support for implementing it throughout the organization.