Methodist Hospitals builds successful talent management foundation

Ed Klein shares how Halogen has helped Methodist Hospitals increase employee satisfaction while improving patient care.

Since implementing Halogen Job Description Builder™ and Halogen Performance™, Methodist Hospitals was able to:

  • Dramatically decrease the administrative burden and associated costs of performance reviews and maintaining job descriptions
  • Make job descriptions more consistent
  • Allow leaders more face-to-face time with employees, increasing engagement

Methodist Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in Indiana, ranking 13th overall out of 175 hospitals in 2013–14 (U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals). It’s a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare system that provides services to individuals who may not be able to pay for them. As a “safety net hospital”, they’re always looking for ways to improve efficiencies, while maintaining patient satisfaction.

Ed Klein, Director of Compensation, Benefits and HRIS at Methodist Hospitals, has more than 40 years of HR experience and knows that with over 50 percent of the hospital’s budget going to salaries and benefits, changes to human resources have a huge impact on hospital efficiency. A few years ago, Methodist Hospitals had hundreds of different job descriptions stored in independent documents. There was no consistency between the terminology used to describe job families or competencies. This made searching job descriptions impossible, and maintaining and updating them very time consuming.

“There’s a big cost in terms of overhead and administrative burden for every additional job description,” says Klein.

Since the job descriptions were used as the basis for employee appraisal forms, the team at Methodist Hospitals found creating individual appraisal forms for each job description overwhelming.

“Back in the dark ages, we had to create an appraisal form for each of our job descriptions — so our 380 descriptions converted into an additional 380 evaluation forms. I shudder when I think of the work involved,” says Klein.

Methodist Hospitals turned to Halogen to help digitize and manage their existing job descriptions and seamlessly link them to appraisal forms. “Now I have one form that automatically pulls in correct job descriptions, and through the magic of Halogen, takes care of weighting and scoring and aggregating important performance management data.”

New system gives healthy boost to engagement, efficiency

The seamless connection between many job descriptions and the organization’s performance management process has helped the hospital maximize its use of ongoing performance management processes. Methodist Hospitals is now conducting 30 and 90 day leader rounding, three- month and six-month introductory appraisals, competency assessments, and annual appraisals, as well as performance improvement plans and progress reports with Halogen. And with the administrative burden of the process alleviated from HR and management, the focus has shifted to ongoing performance conversations and mentoring.

“It really has been effective in improving performance and holding leaders accountable,” says Klein. “I know I’ve received comments back from my leaders that it took them half the amount of time to prepare all of their evaluations than it did in the past on paper… And then that opened up more time in their schedules to spend in face-to-face meetings with the employee. That’s the supportive, mentoring employee-leader relationship that builds a world class workforce.”

Now at the forefront of talent management

Cinthia Furman shares how Halogen has helped Methodists Hospitals be at the forefront of talent management technology