CPP, the Myers-Briggs® Company, aligns its workforce with Halogen TalentSpace™

CPP, the Myers-Briggs® Company, aligns its workforce with Halogen TalentSpace™

Best known as the publishers of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, CPP is a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessment, helping people and organizations grow and develop by improving performance and increasing understanding.

CPP understands the importance of developing its own workforce.

As a result of implementing Halogen's talent management solutions, CPP has been able to:

  • Support its business strategy at a much deeper level
  • Improve transparency and goal alignment across the organization
  • Strengthen its organizational performance model and culture through the use of competencies
  • Integrate its talent management programs from recruiting to performance and development through the use of one platform

Limited opportunities for growth

As Nicole Trapasso, Division Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development, explains, "We had an internally developed tool that we were using for performance evaluations, but we had outgrown it. We needed to become more transparent, more interactive with our performance management process. We were seeking to implement a true cascading goal process so that all employees had an interactive line of sight on how their individual goals support the strategic initiatives."

HR and senior leaders found the internal tool lacked robust functionality for supporting cascading goals and aligning and weighting those goals throughout all levels of the organization.

In addition, it did not provide integrated developmental planning. The HR team knew the internal tool resulted in lost productivity, missed development opportunities and lack of interactive transparency. In other words, it did not enable CPP to optimize the return on investment in its people.

A talent management solution to support business strategy

Through an in depth RFP process, CPP identified Halogen Software. "Halogen came forward as a natural choice. Not only did Halogen’s products meet our needs, but they're a very customer-focused organization, and that really resonated with our values," shares Trapasso.

As an added benefit, CPP saw how they could leverage Halogen to integrate their talent management processes beyond employee performance management, through the entire employee lifecycle.

Integrated solution supports culture of performance at every touch point

After assessing their near-term strategic talent management priorities, the CPP team chose to implement Halogen product modules for performance management, recruiting, job descriptions and learning.

Trapasso explains, "Adopting these Halogen modules helps us establish a shared understanding with employees about what high performance should look like, and the competencies and values that determine success at CPP. We can now do this effectively from the very beginning touch points with our candidates through the recruitment process and reviewing their job descriptions, through their entire employment lifecycle via performance management, feedback and development planning."

Gaining executive buy-in

Trapasso and team understood the importance of engaging the executive management team from the very beginning of this initiative, starting with the CEO. This involved ongoing dialogue as to how how CPP is leveraging the Halogen solutions to drive business benefits and support CPP’s performance culture.

Trapasso and performance management consultant, Ron Ketelsen, have had iterative discussions with CPP executives to showcase how the suite would meet the organization's workforce development and readiness needs.

“We articulated how the suite could help better align our workforce for longer term business success, demonstrated the impact of not moving ahead, and identified risk factors and interdependencies with other projects,” explains Trapasso.

"It’s been an ongoing conscious conversation to ensure our leaders believed in and saw the value of these solutions,” says Trapasso. “As a result, many of our VPs have become champions of the Halogen suite and the business changes it's enabling, and this buy-in is facilitating successful employee adoption.”

Goal management links employee performance to business outcomes

When CPP rolled out the Halogen performance management module, Trapasso, in collaboration with the Vice President of Operations, Anne Tartaglia, conducted business plan review meetings with their executives and each department in the organization to build a deeper understanding of the strategic initiatives.

As part of this work, all employees contributed to an interactive exercise where they mapped their SMART goal efforts to specific strategic initiatives on a large conference wall, using Post-it® notes. This generated a lot of learning discussions and “a ha” moments where employees from all levels could visually see how their contributions rolled up to support the highest level goals.

CPP-myers-brigg-case study

As a result, a solid foundation was built within the context of CPP’s business plan. Managers and leaders could then use this information to co-create goals with the employees, leveraging Halogen’s unique goal linking capabilities to map each goal to the appropriate strategic initiative. 

"Our objective through this process is to ensure every employee understands that his or her work makes a difference and is critical to CPP’s success,” says Trapasso.

Line of sight visibility improves transparency

One of CPP's goals for implementing a new talent management solution was to improve transparency. Halogen has made that possible across many employee touch points.

Using reports from the Halogen system, CPP can now see if goals are aligned across the organization, and track what progress is being made. Employees, leaders and executives can actually look at this information for their own areas, at any point in time. This in turn drives better performance and accountability — as well as helps CPP achieve its strategic objectives.

As Trapasso shares, "I’ve had very positive feedback in terms of better visibility into our progress on goals. Every 90 days we check in formally for at least 30 minutes on goals across the entire organization. If goals are off track or there’s a concern that we may not have the resources or the focus needed to attain them, we’re having those conversations proactively, rather than finding out at the end of a review period."

Strong competency model helps shape CPP's "personality"

To help shape CPP's culture and ensure the organization was set up to achieve its desired results, Trapasso and Ketlesen engaged the Executive Management Team to select the core and leadership competencies for the organization.

Using a forced-choice exercise to cull down the possible competencies, the Executive Management Team came to consensus on four core and three leadership competencies. For the job specific competencies, managers worked with each of their direct reports to determine the job specific competencies.

Within the Halogen suite, these competencies are now shared across recruitment, job descriptions, performance management, development planning and even in succession planning to support the organization's goals, as well as individual career development.

By engaging with all levels of the organization to determine competencies, CPP garnered buy-in and understanding of the importance of a competency model and how it can benefit CPP’s business, the organization and its people.

A partnership emerges

After CPP began using Halogen’s talent management solutions, the leadership and business development teams saw that, from a strategic point of view, it would be very powerful to have embedded in the Halogen solution the knowledge and insights that CPP’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality assessment provides.

They decided to leverage the flexibility of Halogen Talent Profiles to incorporate employees' MBTI® results into the system and enable employees to leverage these insights, as well as share this information with others if they choose.

This insight led to a business development partnership between CPP and Halogen to integrate the MBTI®Complete into the Halogen TalentSpace suite and resulted in the development of the Halogen Myers-Briggs® module.

For the first time ever, organizations can access their employees’ personality insights through a Halogen TalentSpace and use this data to improve coaching, communication and collaboration across the organization and within various talent processes.

"The collaboration with Halogen has been a natural progression for CPP and is a testament to how much we value them as a talent management provider," says Trapasso.

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