Talent management excellence helps Cornerstone Healthcare Group focus on patient care

Cornerstone Healthcare Group specializes in the treatment of patients who need acute care for an extended recovery time. Based out of Dallas, Texas, the group operates 19 facilities in six states and employs about 2,000 people.

One of Cornerstone Healthcare Group’s goals is making sure every patient feels like a member of the family. To achieve this, the organization ensures all employees feel that their work is valued and contributes to its success.

“We want for our employees to be empowered so they can provide compassion and care for our patients. We want patients to be wowed by the service that they get,” says Melanee Landry, Corporate Manager of Talent Development, Cornerstone Healthcare Group.

This commitment to quality of care is what led Cornerstone Healthcare Group to select Halogen Performance™ to support the organization’s talent management needs. With these solutions, the healthcare group is able to reinforce its patient-centered operating principles and ensure its people have a relentless focus on continuous improvement.

The diagnosis

When Landry arrived at Cornerstone Healthcare Group, the organization was searching for a new talent management solution that would address a growing list of challenges such as:

“When I joined Cornerstone Healthcare, I was tasked with purchasing a talent management software solution. I went through the process and looked at several other options, but Halogen was immediately the one that I wanted,” says Landry. “I had used Halogen before and knew that it would give us the flexibility to meet our needs while being easy for employees to use. Given the opportunity again, I would go with Halogen – absolutely.”

The Halogen treatment

One of the highlighted outcomes Cornerstone Healthcare Group has experienced as a result of using Halogen has been integrating its employee performance data into its compensation process. Previously, very confusing and complex spreadsheets were used to keep track of this information. Using Halogen, automated workflows help HR and managers save time and effort and employees are fairly rewarded based on actual performance ratings.

“It was so much easier,” says Landry. “We were able to download information quickly from our payroll system and then put the parameters, expectations and pay grades in the software. Then we automatically loaded the performance review data from Halogen Performance and pushed it out to the managers. Once the recommendations come back, we can approve them and immediately put the changes into our payroll system.”

Cornerstone Healthcare Group improved its performance feedback with the help of the Halogen Performance coaching tools. “I was very excited to see our managers using the coaching tips resource library because it has helped improve the quality of feedback that our employees are receiving,” says Landry.

The organization plans on using Halogen’s Feedback Central™ to help recognize employees who embody its core values in 2015.

“It’s really important that we highlight the behaviors that we want to see our employees exhibit on a regular basis, like compassion and teamwork,” says Landry. “I can create categories in Feedback Central to encourage peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee feedback around those core values, and the program also helps us track people who are successfully doing those things on a regular basis.”

Delivering better feedback has also helped managers reaffirm Cornerstone Healthcare Group’s core values of compassion, team work and passion. Landry says, “We redesigned our performance review forms with new competencies specifically for the patient caregivers and also for the clinical managers. It’s really had an impact on the way employees behave and in the way they interact with the patients.”

Halogen Performance makes it easy to conduct performance reviews and have employees sign off immediately. Now, the time nurses used to spend searching for a computer and accessing their performance reviews can be devoted to patient care.

A dazzling implementation

Cornerstone Healthcare Group rolled out Halogen Performance, Halogen Compensation and Halogen Succession in just four months. It was an ambitious timeline, but one that paid off: The group saw a 100 percent completion rate of 2,100 performance reviews across all locations.

Their efforts also earned them a Dazzling Implementation Award at the 2014 Bright Lights awards ceremony held during Halogen’s annual customer conference. The award recognizes a Halogen customer who creatively and effectively rolls out Halogen TalentSpace solutions.

“We knew that setting up our employees quickly with Halogen would go a long way in helping our organization establish a more effective performance review process,” says Landry. “Our talent management initiatives are centered on people development, organizational alignment and delivering meaningful feedback to our team. Halogen is providing us a more efficient way to execute and drive all of this."