Webinar: The Millennial Viewpoint - Seriously...You Don't Get Me, Do You?

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Webinar: The Millennial Viewpoint - Seriously...You Don\'t Get Me, Do You?

I recently read an article that focuses on debunking some common myths about Gen Y employees. While we may think we know what this younger generation of employees is all about, the truth is we don’t.

So are Millennials Lazy or Lost?

Millennials are often dubbed as lazy, easily bored, lacking in emotional intelligence, unwilling to work hard…and so on. What the article I read points out however, is that the very characteristics many see as weaknesses in this generation are in fact, strengths.


When organizations take the time to looking at these apparent weaknesses in a different light, they may find that this younger generation possess skills their organizations’ desperately need.

The truth is, Millennials often struggle with networking, which makes it difficult to find work that is right for them. When they do find work, Millennial employees are often bored because their employers fail to challenge them, and things in the organization move too slowly.

How to Engage Millennials Effectively

If you’re interested in the whole topic of attracting and retaining Millennial employees, you need to attend our November 22nd webinar.

Molly Foley (@mfoleyngc) – next generation advocate, frequent speaker on how to attract, retain and engage young talent, and founder of the Young Professionals Network of the Quad Cities – will present What Millennials Want You to Know about How to Engage Them.

Webinar Details:

Date: November 22, 2011

Time: 1pm – 2pm ET


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Why You Should Attend

Aimed specifically at the professional services market, but of interest to all, Molly will reveal the critical factors that endear Millennials to corporate brands, employers and causes.

Molly will be joined by Kathy Anthony, Partner, O’Sullivan Creel, LLP, who will discuss how her accounting firm leverages performance and talent management programs to address Millennials’ desire for ongoing feedback, goals, and development.

Kathy will also discuss how this performance management focus, coupled with a team-centric culture, ensures her firm remains an employer of choice across all generations.

We hope you’ll join Molly and Kathy for this webinar. In the meantime, what specific questions do you have about managing Millennials? Do you feel managing this younger generation requires a different approach from managing older generations?

* Image source via Molly Foley

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