Upcoming Webinar: Design Employee Performance Rewards Programs that Support Lean Initiatives

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Total Rewards

For HR professionals in the manufacturing sector, connecting talent management with Lean Systems can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Lean manufacturing represents a profound, systematic approach to improving performance by eliminating waste and inefficiencies in all its forms.

The potential of Lean for financial results is clear. However, succeeding in Lean initiatives ultimately depends on your organization’s ability to foster a truly engaged and motivated workforce committed to the process.

If you’re an HR manager in the manufacturing industry, I invite you to attend a complimentary Halogen webinar on September 13th at 1 p.m. ET with Gerry Ledford, a national recognized authority on human capital issues, and President of Ledford Consulting Network.

During the webinar, Gerry will discuss how HR managers in manufacturing organizations can help create a Lean work culture by clearly defining consistent performance expectations for all employees, and then designing incentives and rewards programs that support Lean behaviors and initiatives.

Specifically, Gerry will address:

  • What types of employee incentives (skill-based pay, recognition, team bonuses, gain-sharing, profit sharing, etc.) best reinforce Lean behaviors and initiatives?
  • How important are rewards to the success of a Lean initiative?
  • The simple, understandable, and relatively cost-effective steps to designing a reward system that supports Lean initiatives (not characteristic of most reward systems)!

Following Gerry’s presentation, Timothy Haines of Quaker Chemical Corporation will explain how his manufacturing organization introduced employee appraisals as part of their performance management process, and the greater corporate success they’ve seen by motivating employees with pay for performance programs.

If this topic sounds of interest, please do register for the webinar now.

Additional Resource

To learn more about talent management and how it can support Lean, download the white paper What ISO 9001, Lean, and Six Sigma Mean to Human Resources Professionals by Lorri Hunt.

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