Teambuilding Exercise for Problem-Solving: The Great Egg Drop

by Melany Gallant | Posted | Engagement

Teambuilding Exercise for Problem-Solving: The Great Egg Drop

Want to have a winning work team?

This post is the second in a three-part series on creative teambuilding exercises you can try with your staff to strengthen employee connections and enhance cohesion and interaction between departments.

In our first post we discussed teambuilding goals and an exercise for developing conflict resolution skills.

In this post we discuss how to help your team develop problem-solving skills through “The Great Egg Drop” teambuilding exercise.

Keep Your Egg Intact!

Messy, fun and educational, this exercise brings teambuilding and problem solving to a new level.

Goals of the exercise:

  • Increasing negotiation skills
  • Promoting cooperation
  • Enhancing leadership qualities


  • 30-45 minutes to build package
  • 15-30 minutes for the Great Egg Drop
  • 15-45 minutes cleanup & debrief

Number of Participants per Group: Small groups 4-6. Large groups 10-15.

Equipment: 4 to 12 straws (depending on desired difficulty), masking tape, egg

Exercise Description: With the equipment provided, build a package for a single egg that can sustain a fall of 8 ft without the egg breaking. If desired, you can require teams make a 30 second jingle to sell their package. Once teams have finished making their package, they must test its efficacy by dropping it from a height of 8ft. The team whose egg stays intact wins.

Possible Debrief Questions

  • How were decisions made?
  • Who influenced the decisions and how?
  • How could better decisions have been made?
  • Did people listen to each other? If not, why not?
  • What roles did group members adopt?
  • How was conflict managed?
  • What kinds of behavior helped or hindered the group?
  • How did people feel about the decisions?
  • How satisfied was each person with the decision? Ask each participant to rate his / her satisfaction on a scale of 1 – 10, then obtain a group average and compare / discuss with other groups’ satisfaction levels.
  • What have you learned about the functioning of this group?
  • How would you do the activity differently if you were asked to do it again?

Do you have any great teambuilding activities to share with us? Have you tried this exercise with your team? What were the results?

In our next post on building a winning work team through creative teambuilding exercises, we discuss building trust through “The Mine Field” exercise.

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