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A compensation solution designed to reward employee performance

Linking compensation to employee performance can be a tall order. Especially for companies using disconnected manual processes and complex spreadsheets.

Without an automated and integrated system in place, managers are required to enter data without any real insight into performance, market or historical compensation information. Merit-increase decisions can then become subjective, based who managers might “feel” deserves it — without any tangible tie to performance.

When this happens, employees don’t understand their value to the organization because it’s not clear how merit increases and bonuses are determined. Overall, the whole process can take its toll on engagement. So the question is, why live with a process that doesn’t deliver?

With Halogen’s compensation solution, the process is simplified for everyone, and you can create a strong pay-for-performance culture based on objective, transparent processes that align rewards directly with performance.

  • Ensure high performers are recognized and rewarded in a meaningful way
  • Automate compensation workflows and calculations to drive accountability and stay within budget
  • Equip managers with the data and communication tools they need to recommend and distribute compensation in an objective, transparent manner
  • Mitigate risk by providing a secure, controlled environment for compensation information
  • Give executives and upper-level managers the tools to view budget allocations by their team members

Compensation Compensation

Simplify and automate your compensation planning

Save valuable time by automating workflows and hold all stakeholders accountable to deadlines with automated notifications and reminders. Easily define budget and approval processes, set salary scales, merit matrices, bonus metric profiles, and define guidelines.

When the process is complete, easily export compensation adjustments to your payroll or financial system in a single, automated step — all within a secure, controlled environment.

Goal 1

Stay within budget and ensure the numbers add up

Quickly identify and flag any increases that fall outside of guidelines to ensure your organization stays within budget — every time.

Provide managers with discretion in allocating budgets and increases. Or distribute set increases across all departments and allow managers to make adjustments within these allocations. Executives and upper level managers will be delighted they can view these allocations and either approve or edit them, as part of one, seamless process.

Goal 1

Reward top performers based on actual performance

Have confidence that high performers are recognized and rewarded in a meaningful way by linking pay directly to performance.

With unique split screen visibility into performance appraisal ratings, the attainment of goals, professional development activities, and other performance indicators and incentives, managers can recommend and distribute merit increases and bonuses in an objective, transparent manner.

Goal 1

Boost engagement through enhanced communication

Provide managers with the tools they need to communicate compensation adjustments in a way that offers transparency to the process and garners trust among employees — a great way to keep high performing employees motivated.

Use job analysis modeling to develop job families and best-practice job descriptions that communicate job levels tied to your compensation program. Then give your employees visibility into what job levels exist so managers can coach them on what they need to do to move to the next level.

Goal 1

Gain better insights through data and reporting

Know, with confidence, the status of every process and when each has been completed using Halogen’s unique reporting framework. Once compensation adjustments are completed by managers, leaders can easily identify employees that are above/below a selected salary range or above/below a selected compa-ratio — and then take action as needed.

Goal 1


Link compensation to all your talent management programs

Ensure accountability across the organization by aligning your compensation program directly to your talent management strategy.

With Halogen, compensation links seamlessly to solutions for performance management, learning and development, succession and leadership, and recruiting and onboarding. As a result, you can build a top-performing workforce that drives better business results and an ongoing competitive advantage for your organization.

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"Decisions are based on documented employee achievements."

“Because Halogen offers an integrated system, our managers have the data they need to when making compensation decisions. Important information such as compa-ratios, past appraisals, development plans and KPIs are all easily and readily available, so calculating merit increases and incentive payouts is easy to do because decisions are based on documented employee achievements.”

Louise Tromp, Director, Human Resources, APNIC


Pechanga Resort Casino

"Our managers have to be honest in their performance evaluations."

“With Halogen’s compensation solution, our managers understand that if they are going to tie pay to performance, they have to be honest in their performance evaluations.”

Tony Chartrand, Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Management, Pechanga Resort Casino


San Diego Zoo Global

"Employees are motivated and accountable."

“Using Halogen Performance, we’ve now created a pay-for-performance culture where employees are more motivated and accountable and are collectively working towards organizational goals.”

Tim Mulligan, Chief Human Resources Officer, San Diego Zoo Global

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