There's a reason it's the most recommended solution for employee feedback and performance.

Halogen performance review system on various devices

With Halogen Performance™, it’s never been easier to transform your employee performance review cycle from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process. One that helps you build a high-performance culture where employees are aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results.

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70% of organizations believe their performance management programs are average or below average
Source: Brandon Hall Group
Performance review system improve feedback and development

Build a more aligned and engaged workforce

Imagine. Now you can ensure your employees get the continuous feedback, direction and development they need to be engaged and high-performing. Every member of your workforce will better understand what’s expected of them, see how they’re helping the organization succeed, make their contributions more visible, and take charge of their own career development.

And managers tackle these previously dreaded responsibilities with ease.

Save time and effort

Tired of the paper shuffle? Save time — up to 75 percent — administering and managing your performance management processes. With a touch of a button you can see where everyone is with any type of performance activity you run. And it's even simpler to remind everyone to finish tasks on time. The system will do it for you. Plus all employees and managers have instant access to all their performance data — no more running around searching for documents. What will YOU do with all that extra time?

Employee performance review software drives business results

It's HR's turn to be more strategic

Play a more strategic role in your company with quick and easy access to the employee performance data you to make smart decisions. Now you can truly help your organisation build an exceptional workforce and achieve — maybe even exceed — its business goals.

Realise some remarkable results

Join other companies that have built top-performing workforces with Halogen and are realizing impressive results. In fact, Black River Memorial Hospital’s operating margin increased from below one percent in 2008, the year it implemented Halogen solutions, to 9.6 percent in 2011. Sun-Rype® decreased turnover rates from 20% to 4%. Now those are results any C-level executive would love.

Hey HR, you've got the power

Never again worry about getting on your IT group's priority list. Now you have the power and the flexibility to create all the automated processes and forms you want and need — the way you want them. There's even have a forms library to get you started.

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What our customers are saying

“It's become ingrained in our culture.”

“With Halogen there was a quantum leap in a universal acceptance of performance management. Now managers proactively use the tool to record and make notes about achievements or roadblocks. It's about goal alignment over several sessions rather than one formal annual process. And it's become ingrained in our culture.”
~ Cindy Wilker, VP Supply Chain, Sun-Rype

Everyone in the organisation is a winner

HR Pros

  • Save time managing the performance management process
  • Make smart decisions with more meaningful performance data
  • Focus less on administration, more on talent strategy


  • Align and track goals with ease
  • Easily Manage employee performance from one centralised tool
  • Provide regular, meaningful feedback and coaching
  • Support employee development and career progression


  • Better understand performance expectations and easily track progress
  • Have greater visibility into how they contribute to organisational goals
  • Take charge of career development.
  • Share feedback and recognition with other employees

C-level Executives

  • Ensure the organization’s mission, vision, values, strategy and goals are aligned and reinforced with every employee touch point
  • Make certain the organisation has the talent and skills needed for business success
  • Make more effective business decisions