Integrated talent management software that addresses everyone's needs

Halogen TalentSpace™ for Healthcare gives nursing, human resources and learning professionals one single, fully-integrated suite of modules that help them effectively align, develop, and manage employees — and create a culture that's focused on increasing patient satisfaction.

Recent research has proven that organisations who adopt effective talent management practices have better patient satisfaction, lower nursing and management turnover, and greater productivity.

Whether you're a large health care institution or a 50 employee community health care provider, Halogen TalentSpace for Healthcare can help you improve your workforce.

Explore the features we offer nursing, HR and educators now!

Complete assessments on time, every time

Automate and simplify your performance management processes and forms — including competency assessments — so they're completed quickly, effectively and on-time. Make sure all staff know what's expected of them, and get regular feedback, development and recognition. You'll improve engagement, performance and patient care.

Get tools that are powerful and simple to use

Halogen TalentSpace is easy to use, powerful, and grows with your organization. Managers and employees get one simple, consistent interface to access all their information and complete all their tasks. You can create all the processes and forms you need with point and click simplicity – and without needing help from IT. And you can easily add modules over time as you mature your talent management practices.

Simplify accreditation reporting

Simplify accreditation audits that require talent management data by instantly accessing the reports, data and information surveyors need. Halogen TalentSpace was designed to help ensure your audits go smoothly, regardless of the standard or body.

Transform position descriptions into a foundational talent management tool

Create and manage all your position descriptions easily and effectively. Halogen TalentSpace automates the process, ensures your position descriptions are complete and current, and eliminates duplication of effort. Now you can use your position descriptions to automatically create new requisitions/postings, employee review forms and competency assessment forms, so you communicate position requirements and responsibilities clearly and consistently.

Save time and money

Automate employee performance reviews, competency assessments, remuneration adjustments and more, and give everyone fingertip access to the information they need at all times. By eliminating paperwork and manual processing, you save everyone time, reduce administration, improve efficiency and ensure on-time completion. Now your staff can focus on what's truly important — providing high quality patient care. And you'll realise substantial financial savings.

Help improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Build a workforce and culture that's more focused on delivering top quality of care and ensuring patient satisfaction by using a common set of competencies and performance standards for all your talent management programs.

Built into Halogen TalentSpace are a library of healthcare industry specific clinical competencies and performance standards, and a lean competency library. Both come complete with comment helper text, and coaching and development tips. You also get a spell checker and sample forms, designed to help you build the quality workforce you need.