Helping you provide better service in the public sector through effective performance management

To deliver quality services to stakeholders in an efficient and cost effective way, human resources in public sector organizations of all kinds need to ensure their staff are accountable and focused on their performance. Goals need to be aligned, workforce development plans need to be in place to address skill gaps and prepare tomorrow's leaders, and performance needs to be measured and rewarded effectively.

With the cloud-based Halogen TalentSpace™ suite for the Public Sector, you can easily automate your existing manual talent management processes to better manage your employees and save time and money.

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Drive workplace efficiency and cost savings

By eliminating paperwork, automating your processes and providing everyone in human resources with a whole host of features that speed up everyday talent management tasks, Halogen TalentSpace for the Public Sector saves you time and money. It also improves the quality of things like employee reviews, and goals and development plans, so you create a higher performing workforce that delivers better public service.

Align your entire organization so everyone's focused on the right things

Ensure everyone, in every department, is accountable, focused on achieving high level objectives and delivering on your mission. Now you can easily align every employee's goals and development plans with your strategic plan, mission and vision. And you can stay on top of everyone's progress with the click of a mouse leading to better workforce relations, and improved performance.

Ensure continuity of leadership and service

As more and more public sector workers become eligible for retirement and younger workers are slower to fill the ranks, it becomes vitally important for you to groom future leaders and staff to fill key positions. Ensure continuity of leadership and service with effective, talent pool based succession planning. Halogen Succession allows public sector human resources to implement succession planning in phases and get practical results right away. Help retain your top talent, and attract more by supporting career development and progression.

Easy access from anywhere

When you've got employees in multiple locations, in multiple cities, often without an office or dedicated computer, and varying levels of computer proficiency, having a tool that's easy to use and readily available is critical. Employees can access Halogen TalentSpace from anywhere they have Internet access, using a computer, tablet or smartphone. And Halogen's modules are so intuitive and easy to use; many find they don't even need training.

Public sector competencies, forms and processes

Halogen TalentSpace for human resources in the Public Sector comes complete with sample forms, and a library of sector-specific competencies, behavior descriptions, comment helper text, and coaching and development tips. These help speed up the review writing process and improve the quality of the coaching and feedback employees receive.