CIPD survey says... Employees are looking for a ‘family-feel’ culture

CIPD survey says... Employees are looking for a ‘family-feel’ culture

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The latest Employee Outlook 2015 survey, published by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, in partnership with Halogen, reveals some interesting findings about employees’ perceptions of work and the workplace.

One of the most insightful of these is that regardless of organisation size, the vast majority of employees want to work for a firm that has a ‘family feel’ and is ‘held together by loyalty and tradition’. Join us for this complimentary webinar in which we’ll delve deeper into this finding – and reveal other insights from the report, including:

  • Employee attitudes to senior leaders and line managers
  • Trends in job satisfaction and employee engagement
  • Feelings about work-life balance and pressure at work
  • Employee perspectives on performance management

About Claire McCartney:
Claire joined the CIPD in 2008 as Adviser, Resourcing and Talent Planning. She is responsible for research exploring different aspects of effective talent management strategies and manages the Institute’s Resourcing and Talent Forum. She also co-manages CIPD’s Employee Outlook research.

Claire specialises in resourcing, talent management and diversity. She has also conducted research into meaning in the workplace and trust and has worked on a number of international projects. She is the author of several reports and articles and regularly presents at seminars and conferences. Prior to joining the CIPD, she was Principal Researcher at Roffey Park where she conducted research projects into a variety of topics including Roffey Park’s annual Management Agenda Survey, Work-Life Balance, Flexible Working, Employee Volunteering, Talent Management and Diversity.

About Lorna Daly:
Lorna Daly is a seasoned professional with a proven record of results in taking business ideas from inception, through launch and into growth in the computer software industry. Working with Halogen Software over the last 15 years, Lorna has had significant experience in managing and guiding technical, sales teams and projects internationally as the company has grown.