Building a magnetic culture: How to attract, engage, and retain top employees

Building a magnetic culture: How to attract, engage, and retain top employees

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The recovering economy has made it tougher than ever for Australian organisations to attract and retain their best talent. The good news is that offering something special as a stay incentive doesn’t mean exorbitant outlays of cash in the way of benefits, rewards, and bonus remuneration. Employers can attract and retain the highest performers by nurturing their unique workplace culture—that is, by building a Magnetic Culture.

In this presentation, Kevin Sheridan author of bestselling book Building a Magnetic Culture, will discuss the initiatives that really matter to employees. Based on his years of data analysis and research, Sheridan will provide attendees with the best practice and quick and easy tactics for creating a magnetic organisational culture that draws talented employees to an organisation, engages them, and makes it less likely they will leave. Joining Kevin will be Darren Sprod, Human Capital Strategist and expert in the field of employee engagement and performance management.

Attendees will learn practical and simple tips to:

  • Identify the three buckets of employee engagement: What are they, what do they look like, and what should you do about them?
  • Leverage the 10 key drivers of employee engagement that employees really care about
  • Create initiatives that actually have a lasting impact on employee engagement
  • Help employees play an active role in their own engagement
  • What performance management best practices can improve engagement