Talent management software that helps you develop your people and maximize billable hours

Stellar client service and high quality billable hours — they’re what your business is riding on. To deliver on both counts, you need to attract and retain the top talent that can drive continued success for your firm.

Cloud-based Halogen TalentSpace™ for Professional Services helps you implement the talent management best-practices that drive employee performance, development, engagement and retention.

And it gives HR, managing directors and partners the employee performance data they need to make effective workforce decisions.

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Gather performance feedback after every engagement

If you operate in a matrix structure, your employees likely work on multiple projects or engagements throughout the year, and for multiple project leaders. Now you can easily gather performance feedback at the end of each engagement, and then effortlessly roll it up into their annual performance review. Employees get the immediate feedback and development they need from engagement leaders and team members, and fairer, more comprehensive annual reviews.

Save time so you can concentrate on doing business and building client relationships

Eliminate manual, paper-based processes to save time, reduce costs and lessen your administrative burden. With the time saved, employees, managers, directors and partners can focus more what they should be doing — serving clients.

Boost performance with more meaningful, ongoing feedback

Gather feedback formally and informally throughout the year, from peers, team leads, supervisors, and clients — anyone who works closely with the employee. And manage it centrally so employees know what they can do to improve, and managers can support their development and career progression.

Keep clients satisfied and loyal with expert, professional service

Provide employees at every level, and in every department, with the feedback, coaching and learning they need to be high-performing staff members focused on client loyalty. And manage credentialing and continuing education requirements with ease.

Create your own customized forms and processes

Configure your forms and processes exactly the way you want and need them. As many as you like. Your HR team can do it themselves without help from your busy IT team or the vendor. It's that straightforward and flexible.

Build the competencies your firm needs for success

A sector specific competency library, complete with comment helper text, and coaching and development tips, as well as a spell checker and sample forms ensure all the modules in our Halogen TalentSpace help you develop the competencies your firm needs for success.