Finally, a compensation system that truly links pay to performance

Compensation management system on various devices

They say life isn’t fair. Not so with Halogen Compensation™. It’s the award-winning solution that lets you introduce real accountability to your compensation plans and reward your workforce accurately and fairly, based on real, measurable performance. And that’s just for starters.

Halogen Compensation provides all management levels with a secure, simple-to-use tool for distributing merit-based compensation, including base salary, variable pay, promotions, lump sum awards, bonus pay, and stock options. It even automates budget distribution, approvals and tracking.

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Pay for performance system showcased by HR employees

Simplicity and visibility HR will embrace

Now HR can work from a simple, straightforward and familiar interface to set up and manage compensation workflow, budget definition and approval, salary scales, merit matrices, bonus metric profiles and guidelines. Plus, see exactly where everything is at any point in time — just with the click of a mouse.

An employee engagement booster

Make sure employees get rewarded based on their actual performance ratings. You'll encourage higher performance and stronger employee engagement.

Less work for HR

Now HR doesn't have to be in the middle, chasing down recommendations and approvals, and getting blamed when things are late. The Halogen Compensation automated workflow, email reminders and on time report keep everyone accountable for completing their tasks on time.

Pay for performance allows for better compensation decisions

More confident decision making for managers

Managers will love how they have access to all they need to make truly informed compensation recommendations. With visibility into everything from employee compensation histories, to performance ratings, and even goals, development plans and feedback, managers can feel confident they're making wise decisions.

Saves time and effort

Halogen Compensation does all your calculations for you, so everything adds up — every time. Imagine, no more combing through spreadsheets to find and correct errors. These are time savings you can count on.

Execs will love it too!

Now your executives can feel confident they're investing well in their workforce. You can even give them the discretion and opportunity to differentiate and calibrate salaries, bonuses and lump sum payments as they review and approve compensation changes.

Everyone in the organization wins

HR Pros

  • Get a simple, straightforward way to administer compensation and pay-for-performance programs.


  • Get their own compensation management portal and access to compensation history and performance data to make allocating compensation and pay for performance program budgets simple.


  • Get a fairer more transparent compensation process that rewards performance.

C-Level Executives

  • Can integrate performance with compensation to ensure your organization gives all employees merit increases based on a detailed understanding of how they actually performed.