A LMS specifically designed to help Healthcare educators manage professional development plans.

Flexible catalogs let you organize and manage your learning assets.

Flexible catalogs. Easily manage your learning management system.

Halogen Learning™ lets learning and development specialists in heathcare easily manage all their learning assets in flexible, configurable catalogs. You can map each learning activity to the competencies and performance standards it's designed to develop, making it easier to select appropriate training. And you can restrict catalog access using talent profile data, so employees only see catalogs that pertain to them.

Halogen Learning is an integrated part of Halogen TalentSpace for Healthcare.

Quickly generate reports that show which training activities employees have taken, and what they're scheduled to take.

Certification reports. Easily meet accreditation requirements.

Halogen Learning helps you meet accreditation requirements for learning and development. Sophisticated reporting lets you instantly create reports that surveyors need. Easily show certifications and licensing status as well as required course completion. Demonstrate that performance gaps are being addressed with development. And verify that completed learning activities have had an impact on performance.

Easily create onboarding learning paths for new employees.

Onboarding. Get new nurses and staff off to a great start.

Research has shown that effective onboarding programs contribute to higher HCAHPS scores, lower turnover, and higher employee productivity. Easily create onboarding learning paths for new employees and track their progress, so new employees become proficient in their roles as quickly as possible.

Employees can easily search and enroll in training to take responsibility for their own development.

Professional Development. Help nurses take charge of their learning.

With Halogen TalentSpace, employees get one central place to manage all their professional development plans and activities. They can browse your learning catalogs, register for or request training, access assigned e-learning, and make notes on their progress. Managers can track their progress and assign additional professional development plans whenever they're needed.

Healthcare learning content. Easily access the best.

With Halogen Learning, you can easily import any SCORM or AICC compliant e-learning content. We've also partnered with some of the leading learning content providers for nursing and healthcare workforces, so you get easy access to additional content from Swank Healthcare, Skillsoft and others.

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Other brilliant software features

Halogen Mobile™

Talent management tools on the go. All the standard software features and functionality offered in the Halogen TalentSpace™ suite are available on tablet devices. Manage goals, search employee directories, and give and receive feedback from mobile phones, all in real time.

Halogen HRIS Connect™

The Halogen TalentSpace suite is compatible with all major human resource information systems (HRIS). Halogen HRIS Connect is an optional utility that automates the transfer of employee information from your HRIS into the Halogen User Center, eliminating the need to perform manual export and import tasks between tools.


Our succession planning tools work with assistive technologies such as screen readers and text-to-voice software. Tab control allows users to navigate the Halogen system without a mouse. These features benefit organizations concerned about compliance with disability guidelines and regulations, such as the United States 1998 amendment of Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Language packs

Whatever your language of choice, Halogen has you covered. We have comprehensive language packs that include a translated user interface, help files, email notifications and spell check.

Distributed workforce management

Organizations can manage the unique talent requirements of their entire workforce in each region or unit — all from one central online location.

Convert emails into feedback entries

With a click of the mouse tag, convert emails received from others into feedback entries in the system. Just as easily, create new peer feedback and recognition entries and have them added directly into your file — or any other personnel’ files for future reference — all without leaving Microsoft Office® Outlook®.