Employee evaluation forms

Employee evaluation forms

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When we say it's simple for you to create customized employee evaluation forms and competency layout styles to meet your specific performance assessment process and needs, we really mean it.

We thought we'd share some example employee evaluation form templates, as well as other performance management form samples with you, to give you an idea of layouts, phrases and comments that other companies are using. Feel free to borrow some of the questions or ideas they use. You can access all evaluation forms by clicking on the download link.

Non-manager annual employee evaluation form

Read through this form for words, phrases and layout ideas for your annual evaluation forms for non-managers.

Annual employee performance plan

Looking to take employee performance planning to the next level? This sample form is a great place to start.

New position performance evaluation form

Have employees in new positions? Check out this best-practice evaluation form that covers an employee’s first six months in a new position.

Annual employee performance evaluation form

You’ll find sample competencies, personal attributes, instructions for goal setting and development plans, and more in this evaluation form.

Call center — hourly staff evaluation form

If you’ve got hourly employees staffing your call centers, you might find some good wording in this sample form.

Employee goal setting appraisal form

Get some guidance on setting new goals and for rating past goals in this sample goal-setting appraisal form.

Hourly employee evaluation form

Use this best-practice sample form to evaluate employees who work for your organization on an hourly basis.

Employee goal setting and review form

Use this form to create 3-5 performance goals and at least one developmental objective for each employee.

360 peer evaluation form

Peer evaluations can greatly enhance the quality of employee performance appraisals. Get some valuable ideas for your own peer review forms here.

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