360 degree feedback forms

360 degree feedback forms

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Gathering 360 degree feedback on an employee can be one of the best ways to get a broader perspective on their performance, development needs and potential. Your reason for collecting additional feedback will determine what you should solicit feedback on, who you should solicit it from, and how you gather it. 360 degree feedback questionnaires typically solicit numeric ratings on competencies. But they can also gather comments and feedback on performance, leadership potential, skill gaps and more...

To help inspire you, or guide you in designing your own forms, we thought we'd share some sample 360 degree feedback forms created with Halogen e360 Multirater. They give you examples of the layouts, rating scales and contents you can use. Feel free to borrow some of the questions or ideas they use!

30/60/90 day performance review

Leverage the information in this sample 30/60/90-day performance review 360-degree feedback questionnaire to create your own tailored form.

Annual performance appraisal

Get a glimpse of best practices in annual performance appraisals with this sample 360-degree feedback form.

Annual 360 review

Borrow ideas from this sample annual 360-degree evaluation form to make your appraisals broader, fairer and more accurate.

Hourly performance appraisal

Do you have staff that work by the hours? Use this sample as a guideline for 360-degree reviews.

Individual contributor annual review

This sample 360-degree appraisal form was specially designed to rate individual contributors in the organization.

Management performance appraisal

This sample performance appraisal form is ideal for gathering 360-degree performance feedback on managers.

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