Succession planning

Succession planning — diving into your talent pools

Why do you need a succession plan?

  • To be able to respond effectively to change
  • So you can recruit and retain the best talent
  • To support organizational growth

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers' 15th Global CEO Survey 2012, developing a leadership and talent pipeline is the top concern of CEOs globally.

Succession planning vs. replacement planning

Replacement planning is the process by which organizations identify 1 or 2 potential interim replacements for each executive/leadership position. It is temporary, tactical and does NOT replace a succession plan.

Succession planning is the strategic process by which organizations identify their high-performing/high-potential employees and develop them to take on progressively greater responsibility and leadership in the organization.

Succession planning is fundamentally about development

The focus should be on developing strength (talent pools) in all key areas that deliver a competitive advantage.

  • Developing your high-performing/high-potential/high-knowledge employees (in part so you can retain them)
  • Developing the strategic competencies the organization needs to thrive and succeed both today and tomorrow — in all key areas
  • Developing and maintaining corporate knowledge and a leadership pipeline

A few succession planning basics

  • Allow for multiple career paths — development and progression don't need to be linear
  • Bersin: Companies that revise and update goals quarterly generate more than 30 percent greater impact from their performance management processes than those which implement the old-fashioned annual review.
  • Keep a balance — bringing some new blood into the organization is a good thing
  • Create talent pools — always have multiple potential employees, at various levels of readiness, prepared to assume greater responsibility

More succession planning basics

  • Develop talent in all key areas of the organization — not just for leadership roles
  • Focus on developmental work experiences (up to 90% of the learning we do is on the job)
  • Allow talented individuals to develop at their own pace, respecting their life circumstances
  • Don't forget the vital importance of knowledge transfer

Why talent pool-based succession planning?

  • Proven to be more effective than traditional organization chart-based programs that focus more on replacement planning
  • Establishes and develops a large number of promotable employees for all key areas in the organization
  • Increases employee engagement and retention
  • Supports your 3–5 year strategic plans, ensuring the organization has the knowledge/skills/competencies/ experience required for continued success

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Succession planning success stories

SNC-Lavalin O&M

By calibrating employee evaluations so they help develop organizational competencies, and by focusing on these rather than simply relying on past performance and technical skills when promoting employees, SNC-Lavalin Profac ensures team members are better positioned for success.

CarVal Investors

At CarVal Investors, they’re using performance appraisal outputs to guide the calibration conversations they have about employee performance and potential. They’ve also developed career ladders specific to different job families and levels within the organization, to prepare employees for career progression.

King’s Daughters Medical Center

King’s Daughters Medical Center realized the need to strategically prepare the hospital for the future with succession planning — not just to determine the next leaders, but to identify those staff who they may wish to put into specialty areas.

Other succession planning resources

Developing Leadership Talent: A guide to succession planning and leadership development

Part of the SHRM Foundation Effective Practice Guidelines series, this guide explores the difference between succession planning and replacement planning and how you can maximize leadership talent in your organization

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