Performance management processes

What makes an effective performance management process?

Performance management isn't just about rating employee performance in an annual performance appraisal. An effective performance management process focuses on aligning your workforce, improving employee performance, supporting employee development and driving better business results — all year round.

It helps to align goals

Effective performance management ensures employees clearly know what they are expected to accomplish and how their work contributes to the achievement of organizational goals.

It builds competencies

Effective performance management also helps cultivate the organizational and job-specific competencies each employee and the organization need for high performance and success.

It’s focused on employee development

Ultimately, your performance management process should help your employees develop and improve, so they can be successful, continually improve their performance, and increase their knowledge, skills, experience and capabilities.

It engages and empowers employees

Including employee self-assessments as part of your performance management process helps engage employees in both the process and their performance. It also helps empower them. You can also include 360 degree feedback to get employees more involved and to make feedback and ratings broader and fairer.

Make it easy for managers and employees

Getting managers and employees to fully participate in your performance management process is critical to effectiveness. So make it easy for them. Your performance management process, forms, training and tools all need to:

  • Help employees achieve their goals and develop the competencies they and the organization need for continued success.
  • Help managers guide their employees, develop them and foster high performance.

Performance management should be ongoing

Good performance management is an ongoing practice, not a once a year task. It ensures employees get the continual direction, feedback and development they need to improve and succeed. It helps align your workforce and drive business results.

Performance management process resources

Employee performance management: A step-by-step guide to best practices

A complete guide to implement employee performance management bundled with worksheets.

Choosing the right method to assess and rate competencies in your organization

Organization not only need to choose which competencies to assess, the also need to choose how to best assess them. Learn more...

How to ensure consistency in employee performance appraisals

From choosing the right rating scale to soliciting feedback from others, here are some tips for improving the consistency of performance reviews.

Motivating managers to complete employee performance reviews on time

Learn tips for getting your managers on board with the process, so employees get the timely feedback they want and need.

Getting useful information from your performance management process

Don't just file those employee reviews away and forget them. Analyze the strategic data they provide and improve everyone's performance.

Using weighting to prioritize competencies and goals

Learn how you can communicate the relative importance of competencies and goals to employees by assigning them weights on your employee evaluation forms.

The benefits and challenges of profiling or stack ranking employee performance

Does profiling or stack ranking really help improve employee performance? Review some of the benefits and challenges of this once popular practice.

Grade creep: Is your employee performance appraisal process making the grade?

Get practical tips for dealing with grade creep - the all too common condition that can make a mockery of your employee performance evaluations.

Engaging managers and employees in your performance management process

Learn 6 steps you can take to better engage your managers and employees in your performance management process so everyone reaps the benefits.

Roles and responsibilities in a best practice performance management process

Get details on the roles and responsibilities of executives, leaders, managers, employees and HR in a best practice performance management process.

Do performance evaluations cause more harm than good?

Take a look at some of the keys to conducting effective performance evaluations that do no harm.

21st century thinking on performance management

It's time to modernize your approach. 21st century performance management focuses on feedback, coaching, conversations and technology.

Performance management process white papers and downloads

Renewed focus on performance management

This Bersin & Associates white paper explores the impact of performance management and its importance in today's business climate.

Creating a better employee performance management system

Dr. Christopher Lee, Ph.D. SPHR explains the steps you need to take to improve your performance management practices.

Performance maintenance: aligning performance, recognition & discipline

Learn how performance management, discipline and recognition work together to maintain high performance.

5 performance management tactics to boost employee engagement

Learn how naturally good performance management can create employee engagement.

Employee performance appraisal process checklists

Get handy checklists that walk HR, managers and employees through everything they need to do to prepare for and conduct annual performance appraisals.

Performance management process webinars

Employee performance and corporate performance: making the connection

John Greer, Chief Human Capital and Strategy Officer at Smart Financial Credit Union will provide insight into how his organization is making a connection between their improved employee performance management processes and overall business results.

The five faces managers see during performance reviews

This webcast is designed to help your HR team and managers bridge the perception gap related to how you think the employee is doing, and how the employee actually perceives their own performance.

Performance management tactics that boost engagement

In this webinar, popular industry analyst David Creelman provides a closer look at engagement and performance management and how they work together.

Performance appraisals managers will love

Learn how to equip managers for success in the performance management process, getting better buy-in and results.

How to include project reviews in the performance management process

David Creelman reveals research-based best practices for successful project review programs that are integrated with the performance management process.

Performance management process success stories

Aramco Services

Aramco Services automated their performance management process and saved over 120 hours of administrative time, increased employee engagement and participation in the process, and better aligned employee development.

Basic American Foods

Basic American Foods improved their performance management process and now have a complete picture of employee performance. They've created a culture that is focused on feedback and development, where employees are more engaged and accountable.

Bell Aliant

When Bell Aliant standardized and improved their performance management process, they dramatically increased participation and drastically reduced costs.

CarVal Investors

CarVal Investors improved their performance management process so goals are aligned, core competencies are cultivated and they can quickly analyze and act on the results.

Fairbanks Hospital

Fairbanks Hospital spent a lot of time creating organizational standards for inclusion in everyone’s appraisal, as well as carefully outlining management standards and weighting sections to help align their workforce with their strategic plan.

Peterson Sullivan

Employees at Peterson Sullivan now get feedback on their performance year round and get the support they need to develop and improve.

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