HR metrics

Best practices in HR metrics

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Albert Einstein

Why are human resources metrics so important?

  • To demonstrate how HR programs are supporting organizational goals
  • To inform effective, holistic business decisions
  • To optimize HR programs

Measuring efficiency vs. effectiveness

HR analytics typically fall into one of 2 areas:

  • Measures of efficiency
  • Measures of effectiveness

Both are vital to impactful HR programs.

Measuring efficiency

Efficiency metrics for HR programs help to measure:

  • cost effectiveness
  • productivity

The goal is to help HR optimize their programs.

Measuring effectiveness

  • Metrics are tied to the organization's strategy
  • Demonstrate how people programs are contributing to the achievement of organizational goals and results

The goal is to help managers and leaders make better decisions and improve performance.

3 critical metrics focus areas

According to HR expert Cathy Missildine-Martin, metrics in these 3 areas are critical for all organizations:

  • Goal alignment
  • Employee performance
  • Quality of hire

Gathering data is only the start

Best practice human resources analytics involve:

  1. Gathering robust, reliable data
  2. Analyzing that data for trends, changes, interrelationships, etc.
  3. Researching the root cause or contributors to data
  4. Recommending actions
  5. Measuring results

Metrics should lead to insight

Your HR metrics should lead to insight that drives better decision-making and business results.

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WHPacific uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure employee and organizational performance.

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