Goal management

Align and engage your workforce with effective goal management

Goal management is about more than just the annual assigning of goals and reviewing of employee performance. It's about getting every employee to use and develop their talents, skills and experience to help the organization meet its overarching goals.

Why is goal management important?

Bersin & Associates found that organizations who regularly revisit their goals dramatically outperform those that create annual cascading-goal programs.* And goal management is not just important for aligning priorities in larger organizations, it can also have a dramatic impact in smaller ones.

* Strategic HR and Talent Management: Predictions for 2012

What is organization-centric goal management?

With organization-centric goal management employees throughout the organization align their individual goals with the organizational and/or divisional goals they support.

Why is goal alignment important?

Goal alignment is key to effective goal management since it ties every employee’s goals to the organization's overall strategy, not just to their manager's success. Without strong goal alignment, employees can achieve their individual goals without necessarily contributing to success of the organization as a whole.

Make goal management systemic

With systemic goal management, the whole team succeeds or fails; no individual, division or department can succeed at the expense of another. It gives everyone a "line of sight" view of progress on linked goals, so everyone can see how they're contributing and can celebrate milestones and successes.

Goal management is an ongoing activity

Goal management requires a regular continuous dialogue between managers and employees that includes: feedback, coaching and development and a review of priorities. This ongoing dialogue helps ensure individual and organizational performance stay on track, and allows everyone to adjust their goals as needed to keep pace with evolving business and market requirements.

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Goal management success stories


Sun-Rype uses goal management to ensure people are focused on priorities and to let them re-establish and change goals and priorities on a dime.

Bell Aliant

Bell Aliant has made goal setting and performance accountability a fundamental part of daily interactions and regular review processes.


Investment management firm AGF rallied their employees around the organization's guiding objectives to stimulate growth during a time of change and transition.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital introduced a balanced scorecard and needed to ensure employee goals were aligned with overall organizational strategy and values.

San Diego Zoo

Employees at the San Diego Zoo now see a clear connection between their objectives and the objectives of the organization — which has revolutionized their culture.


Discover how CPP ensures every employee understands that his or her work makes a difference and is critical to CPP’s success, and tracks everyone's progress on goals.

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