Employee evaluation forms

What makes an effective evaluation form?

The best employee evaluations forms contribute directly to the success of your performance management process. A poorly designed performance appraisal form can frustrate and disengage managers and employees from the process — which defeats the whole purpose.

A well-designed performance appraisal form does exactly the opposite; it simplifies the process for managers and employees, and provides HR and executives with the information they need to make strategic talent decisions. 

What makes a performance evaluation form great?

To be effective, evaluation forms for employees must:

  • Include clear information and instructions
  • Guide managers and employees on what they need to provide
  • Flow logically from past performance to development needs, goals and aspirations
  • Illustrate the various levels of competency demonstration

Keys to success

We’ve collected resources, including how-to articles, forms and templates, case studies and blog posts to help you create simple employee evaluation forms that help executives and HR make strategic decisions about learning and development, goal-setting and succession.

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