Competency management

Establish your competitive advantage with competency management best-practices

According to succession planning expert William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, "A competency is any characteristic leading to successful productivity." They can also be called: behaviors, skills, values, performance dimensions or performance standards. They describe "how" you want an employee to perform their work.

Why develop competencies?

Cultivating organizational and job-specific competencies helps your organization and your employees succeed. Competencies help define your culture and establish your competitive differentiators. They also help make sure you have consistent performance standards for employees.

What’s the difference between core and job-specific competencies?

Core competencies apply to everyone in your organization, but apply to different jobs in different ways and to different degrees. They define what makes the organization competitive and successful.

Job-specific competencies identify the abilities that are required for success and high performance in a particular job.

Why competency management?

  • To maintain a competitive advantage.
  • To align your workforce and develop a strong culture.
  • To foster employee high performance and success.
  • To align and direct your talent management programs.

Do competencies ever change?

You should periodically revisit your list of competencies and definitions to ensure they still reflect your needs and support your strategy; this is especially important if your organization or industry experience a major shift that impacts the competitive landscape.

Competency management resources

The basics of competency management

What is a competency? What is a competency framework and how do you use it? Learn all this and more...

Using weighting to prioritize competencies and goals

Learn how you can communicate the relative importance of competencies and goals to employees by assigning them weights on your employee evaluation forms.

Choosing the right method to assess and rate competencies in your organization

When designing your performance evaluation form templates, it's important to consider "how" you want managers to assess and rate competencies. Learn about the various approaches and their unique benefits.

Align competencies with core company values to create the culture you need

Read about how values define corporate culture and are key to business success. So they need to cultivate through effective competency management.

Leveraging the power of competency checklists

Learn when and how to use competency checklists to evaluate an employee's demonstration of more "technical" competencies and gather additional info like date observed, method of verification, etc.

Competency management downloads

Competencies that distinguish your business

When designing your performance evaluation form templates, it's important to consider "how" you want managers to assess and rate competencies. Learn about the various approaches and their unique benefits.

Employee evaluation forms with sample competencies and feedback

Any manager will tell you how challenging it is to write consistent and richly detailed feedback on an employee's demonstration of core or job specific competencies. Check out some sample employee evaluation comments for a selection of competencies from the Halogen library.

Competencies that distinguish your business

When the CEO wants to know talent bench-strength, it's critical to have confidence in your talent management competencies. If your role is workforce planning, deploying talent, or predicting critical competencies, this webcast is for you!

Competency definition template

Get a template that helps you identify and describe your competencies, as well as what the various levels of demonstration look like.

Competency management success stories

CarVal Investors

CarVal Investors developed a more meaningful competency framework, using language specific to roles in their industry and organization, and are now using these to coach employees and drive business success.

Jelly Belly

When Jelly Belly automated their performance appraisal process, they took the opportunity to standardize competencies across job classifications, making things easier and more consistent for everyone.

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