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  • Save time and money

    Save time and money, and realize exceptional ROI by integrating your talent management.

    "We save about $100 000 in productive time each year."


  • Align your entire workforce

    Align your workforce with the organization's goals and priorities — and track progress.

    "We've made organizational alignment a reality by linking individual goals to business imperatives. We're now in a better place to achieve our organizational vision."


  • Recruit and retain top talent

    Attract, recruit and retain top talent to establish your workforce as a true competitive advantage.

    "Streamlining our talent management processes has helped us meet overall organizational objectives for attraction and retention, while saving money."

    Fairbanks Hospital

  • Easily capture strategic data

    Easily capture and analyze strategic employee performance data for better decision-making.

    "Halogen provides holistic views of employees with easy-to-understand reporting. We can see right away where we need to develop talent."

    Sony Canada

  • Establish pay-for-performance

    Establish an effective pay-for-performance culture that introduces greater accountability and fairness.

    "We now have a pay-for-performance culture where employees are more motivated and accountable — and collectively working towards organizational goals."

    San Diego Zoo

  • See workforce potential

    Gain a clear understanding of your workforce's potential, strengths and weaknesses.

    "We’re using Halogen to evaluate our talent base, identify potential future leaders and create targeted employee development plans."

    Cornerstone Healthcare Group

  • Create development plans

    Create development programs that address performance/skill gaps — and measure their effectiveness.

    "By streamlining the talent management process and providing tools that add visibility and accountability, the Halogen suite has helped BAF foster improved communication, coaching, development and, ultimately, employee performance."

    Basic American Foods

  • Tap into HR experience

    Tap into the experience and expertise of HR and talent management pros around the world.

    "The Halogen user community is great. There are good tips and I can connect with others offline so we can continue conversations."

    Clark Nuber

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Raising the bar on what you can expect from a Talent Management vendor

Halogen TalentSpace™ isn't just about software. It's about offering a complete set of talent management solutions alongside a comprehensive set of services, best-practices resources and a vibrant user community, all brought together to help you succeed.

Human Resource team helped by Halogen Software
  • Powerful talent management solutions. With Halogen Software, you get everything you need to meet your unique business needs, including award-winning solutions that are profoundly simple to implement and use.
  • Easy and painless implementation. A dedicated consultant will walk you through every step of your implementation - and you’ll receive a blend of on-demand and customized leader-led training.
  • Stellar support. From first contact, you'll work with certified, knowledgeable, and highly experienced staff that will give you fast access to the information and support you need.
  • Continuous advancement services. Get all the guidance, services and resources you need to gradually mature your talent management programs successfully, year after year.
  • Solutions, resources, community - 24/7. Access a fantastic customer community that's active on our social networks, our customer portal and our live and virtual user groups.
  • The industry's only money-back guarantee. If you're not delighted with our product, return it for a refund within 6 months of the purchase date.

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